Sunday, May 29, 2005

Clare's 20th

Clare had her birthday party thingo last nite. We were meant to have steamboat (and we did) but even though we had 3 of the things it was taking aages to cook and we ended up ordering a couple of pizzas too haha. Still, there was plenty of food once things did get started cooking.

Amy (refusing to let me take a photo of her) and Peejade

Hero and Jay

Lavino n Clare

Clare and Amelia (and Draco)

Zel, Peejade, Clare and Amy

Sherise (after baileys and mountain dew #1)

Sherise (a bit later)

If you were wondering, she did recover after a bit of a time (passed) out hehe.

After having dinner we spent most of the nite playing this:

It's Cranium (its a board game that has a mixture of charades, pictionary, sculpting, general knowledge questions... all sorts of things). It's a lot of fun with enough people (who are willing to make a bit of a fool of themselves) - unfortunately nobody on my team seemed to know anything about Australia (and being the Australian version of Cranium a lot of the questions were kinda hard) ... Still i think we managed EQUAL last hehe :)

We all thought that this looked a bit more like something else... (so we thought we should write what it was meant to be on the top)

I think they somehow managed to get the right answer for that one (after a few rather wrong guesses ehhe). What was funny was that wasn't even one of those blind drawings (where you have to draw with your eyes shut)... My blind drawing of a pirate had his eyes not even on his head haha ^_^

We actually were having fun despite what this photo looks like hehe

Had a really good time, but didn't stay too late so i could get up earlyish (for me) to study hehe. Guess i should get to it.

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