Monday, May 02, 2005

I should sleep

... but i think if i don't post this now it won't get done for another week. Sorry that it's been a while since i updated this again; i keep managing to putting it off. It's kind of late right now so i'll make this predominantly picture based.

Been quite busy with all my uni related stuff lately, but over the weekend i actually managed to play some badminton which was a nice break from it all. In fact, i got a bit carried away and probably played too much - judging by the way i'm sort of aching right now ... and the fact that i haven't done any of the uni related things i was meant to have done over the weekend (>_<).

Today we had a rather last minute family gathering for my up-and-coming birthday.

Here's the obligatory chicken wings (after i was allowed to eat some while bbqing the rest of the food ... @_@)

The weather was about as good as i could have asked for so we made the most of it by hanging around outside in the sun ...

I even had a cake (actually two)... on which for some reason we only put one candle. Hmm... I just realised how weird this photo is too - from the left we've got chinese tea, sprite, VB (Aussie beer), and birthday cakes ... and if you thought that was a weird combination, look closely and there's sliced lemons on a plate behind the cake too haha. If you're wondering, the lemons were for the mee-goreng (Malaysian/Indian fried noodle thing) we had.

Me cutting the cake while i was meant to be standing in a photo

Half the photo after people came and stood in it

The other half of it (kinda ..)

Not quite sure what we were trying to accomplish here ... but my uncle in the background looks a bit confused tho ^_^

Oh and in other news i finally managed to catch Ben at home (そう・・ベン、これって読んでるなら電話しようとしてるとき、いつも外出中みたいよ!毎日遊びばかりかな) and managed to find out a little of what's been going on over there in the land of the rising sun in recent times. And I was reminded once again of how weird the Australian accent sounds...

Anyway that's all from me for now!


quebeck said...

I'm surprised you didn't get a stomach ache from eating all those different kind of food/drinks!

kAgE said...

HAPPY BDAY MAN, we gotta do something son~!!~