Sunday, May 15, 2005

Japan Festival

Today, still suffering from my post-law ball motivational issues, i decided that instead of doing my research essay i'd go down to Boxhill for the annual (i think it's annual...) Japan Festival. I think that's the most japanese people i've ever seen in one place in Australia in my life. There was even more than there is at the Sydney Opera House on a sunny day...

There was a range of various japanese 'cultural' displays/demonstrations on ranging from いけ花 (flower arrangement) to 剣道 (sword fighting thing) and various food stalls. Was semi-interesting. What was more fun was just hearing lots of japanese again.. and getting to speak a little.

Madoka (my tutor) came down at about 3pm; but was complaining mainly about how stuff didn't really look authentic, was ridiculously expensive, and stuff like that. Still she seemed to have fun. I got to meet the other student that she tutors properly too. He's lived in Japan for a while so his vocabulary is quite extensive in some of the 'non-textbook' areas. I thought it was quite funny when he gave Madoka money for his class the other day and announced (in japanese and quite loudly) that it was payment for recent sexual favours. To which Madoka just told him that it's pretty cheap for someone so good looking. ^^ Yep they're both lotsa fun..

Ran unexpectedly into a couple of other people there (Nancy/Glen, Akira) too which probably shouldn't have been so unexpected. I managed to meet some of my cousin's Japanese teachers too since they were there as well. All of them seemed pretty nice and bubbly...

With the number of times i kept hearing "huhhhhh what are you doing here??" (in japanese) I suspect most of Melbourne's Japanese population turned up today..... The more the merrier right?

Anyway that's all from me for now.

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