Saturday, May 14, 2005

Law Ball '05

Yep, this year's law ball finally came around. Was held at the Crown Palladium and it was awesome. Slogan for the night was 'our balls are huge' and it was pretty fitting. There was something in the vicinity of 1200-1300 hundred ppl there.

Didn't go with my usual crowd, and i met up unexpectedly with quite a few people i hadn't seen in a while which made it all the more memorable. Anyway, pictures probably do a better job of recounting the night so without further ado:

The guys from my table: Ez, Chris, Alex, Raggu

The gals: Lee Lian, Grace, Pey, Mai, Bernice

The first course ...

Ben and Alex

Michael and Grace

Egg plant the size of a steak

Chris and Mai

Nancy and Glen

Clare and Me

Me and Simon

(Dunno what i did to this photo but it looks cool): the PLC girls

Gloria and I

Bernice Ez and Tash

Tash and B/f

Grace and I

Wen, Me, Jasmine and Krys

More food: the main course (tasted kinda like cardboard as usual)

Ez and Lee Lian

Jasmine, Krys and Wen

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