Saturday, May 28, 2005

Studying for exams

Yep, I'm pleased to say i actually did spend the majority of my day today doing just that. After spending about an hour or so trying to decide whether i'd go into uni to study or just stay at home, eventually my natural tendency to be lazy got the better of me and i just cleared my desk and got started. I'm starting to realise how much there really is to 'revise' (maybe learn is a better word)...

I've probably told a lot of u ppl this before, but the funny thing is i'm still waiting for the stress-factor to kick in. Even though i probably don't have enough time to study for my two law subjects, not to mention my commerce one that's on the first day of exams, the whole stress thing is kind of missing. This whole semester has kind of been like that for me. I mean, i've had to stay up late doing assignments and stuff sure, but even then there wasn't really any 'stress'. It was more like a 'sigh, i wish i'd already finished this' sort of a feeling. Maybe i'm just not really interested in uni anymore (or at the moment)...

I think i actually work better under stress. Or at least some sort of pressure. Normally if I don't feel like doing my work, i just leave it and when the due date starts looming i somehow find motivation. Now that isn't happening... I'm sure there's probably some of you reading this who are wondering why the crap i'm complaining about not being stressed... I'm actually not trying to complain, i just thought it was sorta interesting. It's making it a bit hard for me to relate to some ppl atm too. Like, ppl who are on the other end of the spectrum, and really stressed out about exams hehe ^_^

On a somewhat related note, i've managed to put my sleeping pattern way out of whack in the last couple of days (yep, hence the 3am blogs).. But i still can't really work out what i'm doing with myself until so late all the time. Speaking of which, i think i should stop writing this before it gets even later. Catch.

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