Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Time is flying again

Just when i thought i was getting settled into the rhythm of things again i've suddenly found myself way behind in what i have to do with no time to do it. With two essays due pretty soon, and exams coming up things are getting more and more hectic every day. And what's worse is i seem to have contracted some sort of attention deficit disorder whenever i'm in my room at my desk.. I somehow manage to get almost nothing done even if i'm at home all day on the weekend.

Solution? Stay at uni. Yesterday i somehow managed to make myself sit in the library from when i finished class at 4 till about 9pm.. Although i actually was reading cases/articles for the majority of the time, i still don't feel like my research progressed much...

Today was like a bad case of relapse. In my 3 hour break i was planning to do some more reading/planning for my essay. Instead I ended up: going to get free pizza courtesy of the ILSS (international law students society); forgetting to go to the Japanese club AGM; going to Eric's japanese class; and then going to muck around on the pianos in the music practice rooms.

Then tonight instead of staying late in the library, i took myself for a run on the track (was so coldddd ...) and then came home. And then instead of sitting down to study i went out to dinner wif Aida. Still not quite ready to my essay, i went and plonked myself on MSN for an hour or two when i got back. And now i'm writing this ^_^. So yes, if i don't get started writing tomorrow i may be in some very real trouble. To stay at uni or not to stay at uni, that is the question...

On a completely unrelated note, since i don't think i've posted any pics of my doggy up here i thought tonight was a good opportunity :)

Yeah she kinda needs a haircut... Those eyebrows are starting to cover up her eyes again ~

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