Friday, May 20, 2005

Wasting Time

Spent today doing very little again. Stayed up too late trying to fix my laptop so i didn't have much of a morning. So i did absolutely nothing on my essay (due in 4 days and counting). One thing i did get done (finally) today was my passport. I've been putting off getting it renewed for quite a while now, but with my trip back to Japan coming up i thought it was about time to stop procrastinating.

Actually getting it processed was a bit harder than expected. Got there, lined up and presented the form, only to be told that it wasn't acceptable because (1) it wasn't signed in BLACK pen (i signed in blue) ... and (2) the photos weren't endorsed with my FULL name on them (they had 'Adrian Lim' and not 'Adrian SHEN-AN Lim' on them...). Sigh. After a bit of running around to get those things fixed (thanks for being guarantor for me Ez!) they did accept it though.

It wasn't all bad though. While i was there i did manage to get my license photo updated so i should receive my full one in a couple of weeks! No more P plates for me ^_^ Went and got a drink after that from some smoothie place in the shopping centre. I ordered something which was meant to be orange flaovoured but turned out something rather closely resembling frozen lemon juice. It was souuurrrrr. The other eventful thing was running into Anne while i was at the supermarket! Been such a long time since i've seen her.. It really reminded me how easy it is to lose touch with people...

Oh and my doggy got a haircut ! Can YOU spot the difference ? ^_^



And now it's almost time to head off to Simon's 21st ... Guess my essay will have to wait hehe.

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