Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Well today is the middle of swotvac (did you know that 'to swot' means to study? ... hence the name for our week off uni before exams). I've been making myself head into uni to try to soak up some of that study enthusiasm that seems to be oozing out of everyone at the moment. And I think today it actually started working. Sort of.

After sleeping through my alarm at 8am this morning, i managed to get into uni by 12. I was actually only planning to get in by 10 so i was only 2 hours behind schedule. The problem was that when i got to the library there was already waaay to many people in there. I walked around the place for about 15 minutes before finding somewhere to sit... Not a good start. Then somehow, everytime i was just starting to get into my reading i'd get a msg from somebody. Why don't I ever seem to get any when i'm just bored sitting around doing nothing i wonder... Anyway, pre-lunch result: 2 hours in library, 30 minutes spent productively.

Lunch was another good excuse to waste some more time; went off and had some pizza wif Eric. Spent the next hour after that just walking around the law building (ran into various ppl; got my property multimedia assignment back amongst other things). Eventually though, i made myself walk over to main campus and plonked myself in the library there. And i actually stayed in there reading until about 9.30! Final result: 8 hours in the library, 5 hours spent productively. So today i was more than 50% productive. Not bad not bad ^_^

Monday had a fun nite out down at Strike Bar (for various reasons hehe)... First time bowling in a loongggg time. Which kind of showed by my impressive start of 0-0, 0-3 (or something) in my first two frames. Got better though. Slightly. Luckily by the second game my persistence was starting to pay off since my competition consisted of: Ez (who was starting to feel the effects of all that beer), Sam (who had had about 2 hours of sleep since he had an essay due that afternoon), Jasmine (who bowls so slow that the things don't seem to fall over when the ball hits them) and Tez (who just can't bowl properly anyway hehe ^^). Eric went home early to study; and Lili (friend of Jasmine) and Soh (see below) were out of my league since they actually seemed to hit at least some pins with every ball lol...

Soh showing off his bowling abilities with that ramp thing...

I'd just like to add, that after lining the slide up for a good 30 seconds, Soh managed to hit a total of about 3 pins with that ball.

We went off and grabbed some food after that on at Notturno on Lygon which was fairly ordinary but still not such a bad way to end the nite out.

Tues nite i went out to have supper at midnite with Dave and Alec and Ez. I ordered 'honey glazed pork on rice' thinking it was something different. I found out that it is apparently the english name for char-siew on rice, much to my dismay. Still, company was good and i had a good laugh - which is always good when u've been trying to study all day.

And that's about all i can think of. Catch.

Edit: I just realised, it's the first day of winter! No wonder it's so cold... And here is my nerd score:

I am nerdier than 18% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

hmmmmmm definitely been reading too much law; can't even pass the nerd test @_@

And thanks to all you ppl who took the time to answer my 'amazing' quiz hehe. If any of you haven't tried it yet and want to, pop over to (you have to register but i think you can use a fake email addy if u don't wanna put a real one in). Average score is still pretty close to my predicted 50%... who thinks they can pull it up a bit ^_^?

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