Saturday, July 02, 2005

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Today the plan was to go to Kobe via Shinkansen in the morning and come back for a late-ish dinner around the hostel. What ended up happening was kind of different. While we were in Osaka yesterday, I tried unsuccessfully a number of times to contact Satoshi (a friend from Osaka). I figured maybe something had happened with his great grandmother who was hospitalized just the other day so I left it at that. This morning though, I unexpectedly got a call from him at the hostel. He had come all the way to Kyoto station after being at the hospital all last night… and managed to call this hostel from a list he got at the station~ ^^ ホントー感動して嬉しかった!So instead of hopping on the Shinkansen that we’d booked tickets for, we went to meet up with Satoshi at Mister Donut at the station.

After about an hour of catching up a bit we decided to go back to Osaka for a bit of sightseeing. Satoshi was a great tour guide and gave us a pretty good run through Osaka’s 心斎橋 (Shinsaibashi) area as well as a tour around the 梅田スカイビル (Umeda Sky Building) which is Osaka’s answer to Kyoto Tower and Tokyo Tower, only much cooler because it’s got a nice open walk around area at the top and a see-through escalator which gives you a nice view of the ground from 40-or-so levels up.

Anyway that’ll do for the writing part; on to the pictures.

School kids at Osaka-jo-koen-mae station

More Osaka


Osaka Castle

Fun at the hostel

Me and Satoshi ...

Takoyaki ....

You can buy McDonalds signs???

We never managed to figure out what that thing was..

Sky Building from below

The escalator to the top of the observatory

Cakes in a cafe in 三ノ宮

Shinkansen in motion

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