Saturday, July 09, 2005

More pictures

Still too lazy to write a post. Was a loooong flight home - overnight to Cairns (hang around Cairns for about 6 hours), Cairns to Brisbane then Brisbane to Sydney.

In the meantime enjoy the pics.

Badminton training (and cheerleaders in the background ^^)

Tedzuka, Kougai and Yoshinaga

Takahashi, Mel and Me

Sakane and Hirota

Motode and Maeda

Hiroshi Mori and Koike


Chips and chilli anyone?

Tedzuka had some..

Us after the izakaya

Matthias (with the latest in Shibuya-fashion)

Simone and her magic golden dust

Me Matthias and Kris (behind those chopsticks)


Asli Ben and Ji-Hee

Sayaka Simone and Mel

Jakob Me and Aaron

Sayaka and Kris showing off their bowling ball skills

Matthias and I

Og and Mel

Matthias, Aaron and Simone

Enjoying the bowling

I think this is what they were looking at..

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