Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Photos ...

These are some shots from our last day in Japan (and our first day back to Australia)

On the roof of the new building at Mita Campus (the building was completed after i finished my exchange so it was my first time seeing it)

Up on the roof


Up on the roof of the Tamachi Building (overlooking Tamachi station which you can't see in this photo)

It was quite windy up there (but a nice escape from the heat nonetheless)

Mel and Ji-Hee

Cairns at 6:59am

Cairns at 7.29am

The sun always comes out cool in photos

On the way to Sydney (i love those shots from the plane..)

Yesterday we went to this German Bar/Restaurant called Lowenbrau. Got to meet up with Catherine, Carol and Yuki !!! We all had a great time:

These guys were a lot of fun

Participating in some sort of impromptu music performance

Funny hats

Yuki Me and Justin

Catherine and Carol

All of us (half in focus)

After dinner we headed off to City Extra for some nice dessert and a slightly more quiet place to chill out... Was good fun. I think that yesterday really completed my two week holiday back into exchange student life; i'd already met up with just about all the friends i made while i was back in Tokyo, but last nite i got to see the last few here in Australia ^^・・ 満足だなぁ

Mel and Yuki (and you can make out the City Extra sign in the background too)


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