Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Random Pictures

That's actually a huge block of ice... COLLDD

Sohei, Me and Mel outside a yummy niku-man place

The english on this was actually pretty good until somebody thought to change a few things...

That thing was 100% made out of bottles!

Lunch ... My Omelet rice

Kobe's Ijin (Foreigner) Town

More pretty houses there

Mel and Sohei

Jakob and I at Dinner in China Town (Yokohama)

Kris, Og and Barry

Mel Kris Og and Me wandering around Yokohama in the rain

We all thought that looked like something out of batman

This cool used clothing shop in Harajuku

Walking home from Hiyoshi Station with Ben and Aaron

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Cmonski said...

hey adrian!!! what u up to this thursday, i get out from class at 12:15pm, we can hang out in the afternoon or catch dinner before u leave on friday~ let me know