Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Not much to say today. Went to class, didn't learn much. Had lunch with Chris and Alex, didn't talk much.

For lunch, I thought i wanted to get something from one of the 'Festival of Nations' food stalls at first... but i changed my mind when i saw how crowded it was. I'm so lazy haha.

Today was such a waste of a day. And I am realising that i may be quite stuffed for this con & admin thing too. And yet, i still don't really feel like starting it. Ah the joys of university.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Another day at uni

Property law lectures are off this week for some strange reason (they're apparently giving us time to do our assignments... the thing is, the assignment is only due in October). That meant today i had no official classes to attend (^_^)/

I still came into uni tho - spent a couple of hours doing some more derivatives study before lunch. I think i'm almost ready for the mid-sem now (it's only on the first three lectures haha). For lunch, i went by myself to this place on Pelham St which Chris introduced me to the other day. They have $5 pasta on Mon/Tues, and i felt like having something that wasn't dripping oil for a change.. Wasn't bad. But then wasn't that great either. At least it was cheap.

At the weekly MUJC conversation session i finally met up with Riyo again after not seeing her since the very beginning of the year when she arrived. Esther came along too which was good. I think the conversation gatherings have been a fantastic idea this year - it lets the language students get some proper practice speaking jap, and it also gives all the Japanese ppl a chance to meet up with each other and get to know more people (not to mention english practice). What is still amazing me is the number of non-melb uni people who turn up every week. I seem to meet somebody new every week which is realli cool. Of course the usual faces make regular appearances too so i'm getting to know more of the Jap club (both the locals and the japanese exchangees) for the first time which is probably a good thing as well.

I had a legal research session to attend after that - which was semi-helpful even tho the assignment is not really on my to-do list just yet since i have a few other things to get thru before then. Still, going to that at least made me feel like i hadn't been a complete bum today.

Went to have coffee and catch up with Em after that. I can now finally say that i've been to the proper Brunetti's lol. Can't remember what i had to drink - but it was some pretty funky tea-latte thing which tasted quite good (even if it smelled a little strange haha).. Em sounds like she had a really great time on exchange too. It was really cool swapping stories about life overseas - it always amazes me how well exchangees seem relate to one another's experiences even when the exchange-destinations are completely different.. Anyway that killed the next couple of hours rather quickly and before long it was time for Em's class and for me to head off home. Now if i could just get started on that con & admin thing for next week it..

Monday, August 29, 2005

Drinks Nite

Ah.. It's been so long since i've been out for a drink. Seriously need to get out more... altho with all the assessment coming up i doubt that'll be happening too much in the comin weeks.

Melbourne Uni tournament yesterday was a bit of a joke. I think i lost every match i played haha. I don't really have any excuse either. I had a reasonable night's sleep and i wasn't injured or anything. I was sorta thinking i'd rather be playing tennis most of the day unfortunately tho, which probably isn't the best attitude to have... Not that it would have made much of a difference even if i had been putting in 100% coz the competition was pretty fierce (since there was prize money for A grade...)

Went out tonite with the MU Jap club for the annual nomikai which happened right next to uni which was handy. Met up with Moe, Sho (Moe's friend who's visiting atm) and Satomi there too. There was so many people there at the start i was quite surprised. Being a combined event with TRAJAL (a Japanese service-industry oriented programme) I think the japanese people outnumbered us Aussies about 2 or 3 to 1...

Of course, not wanting to be beaten just sheer numbers we challenged them to a boat race (aka beer drinking contest) - 4v4 Australia vs Japan style. Unfortunately, after a rather bad start in the first round we rather unexpectedly came off second best. We lost by about a whole drink!

We naturally weren't satisfied with that and demanded a rematch a bit later on. In the second round, the ante was upped to 5 vs 5. We were going strong, and we were well ahead until our last runner when suddenly disaster struck. Somehow the Japanese underdogs had been gaining on us after a strong start from our first drinker, and by the time it got to no.5 they were only a couple of seconds behind. A surprising dash at the end from their last drinker ended the second round in another upset by Team Japan. I still can't believe it. I would just like to add that it was completely not my fault - we were still well ahead when *I* finished my run... Nevertheless, after a bit of jumping around and screaming 'aussie aussie aussie' we were feeling a bit better lol.

Anyway aside from that little let down it was a good nite. Met quite a few new interesting people *wink* and got to catch up with various ppl too. All in all, i wish it went for a bit longer. Now if i can just get myself to concentrate for a little bit longer until this little smat of assessment is over...

Things still to look forward to in the coming weeks:
AA Ball
MUJC Rakuen + Afterparty
Tennis with my new racquet

... Till next time.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Few and far between

... my updates are. Time just seems to always get the better of me these days. I will still keep trying to write stuff up here a little bit more tho.

Right now i should really be doing more study for this mid-semester exam that seems to have crept up on me - i still can't work out how i don't know any of the course after 6 weeks of attending lectures - but of course, blogging always seems infinitely more interesting when the alternative is reading a textbook...

Tomorrow is the Melbourne Uni Badminton tournament. Seeing as there is no open grade as usual, I have about a 1% expectation of getting past the first round.. And as Clare reminded me the other day the tournament almost marks 365 days since i left for Tokyo last year... Seems sort of funny to think that a whole year has disappeared into the past and i'm still here wondering pretty much the same things as i was last year.

Haven't really been doing much of note recently. I have been getting lots of Japanese practice though haha. On Wed last week i volunteered to be a tour guide around the university for some Japanese students who came. They're here learning english for about a year but somehow the 50:50 english-japanese thing pretty quickly became about 99% japanese - which was good practice for me but not so good for them.. Then on Thursday i went down to this other Japanese conversation meeting thingo and met Satomi who's the third exchangee from Keio Uni at Melbourne! Had a nice long chat about exchange life here in Melbourne and in Tokyo and other random things. It's sort of a shame that i didn't meet the Keio exchangees a bit earlier on this year - i think they're all heading home off in less than 4 months already... Which i guess just shows how fast time realli flies these days huh.

Anyway that's all from me for now. Back to the books.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Some photos..

A bunch of us went out last week for a farewell dinner for Qui who's headed off to the US for exchange. Have a safe trip Qui~! I think the photos pretty much sum up the nite.

Qui practising his "i'm one of those lost guys from down-under looks"

Trying to work out what to eat...

We did manage to get food to come though

Blue pool

What else? Hm. I've decided to take up tennis again - i even went off and got myself a new racquet. So anybody who wants to have a hit sometime lemme know (^_^)..

Also, over the weekend i went along to the ILSS yum-cha which turned out to be a good catch-up session with a lot of law buddies i don't seem to see all that much these days. What happened to the good old days when everybody would just sit and bum around together... And speaking of catching up, today i ran into both Emily (who i hadn't seen for like a year and a half) AND Nat (last time i saw her was like .. 2 years ago??) - all in the space of about 10 minutes. Always makes me think about how just choosing to walk one way instead of the other can make all the difference...

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


... finished my online exercises for Constitutional/Administrative Law. And they say they aren't meant to take long. Bleh. What is most annoying is some of them need you to type in an answer like "which court or courts have jurisidiction to hear applications at first instance?". And if you don't type it exactly the way they put the answer it's marked wrong. So i wasted about 30 minutes trying to work out how "The Federal Court or the Federal Magistrates Court" was incorrect, when the answer they were looking for was just "The Federal Court AND the Federal Magistrates Court". Bleh again.

Still feel like there's not enough time in the day at the moment. I wanted to try to start catching up on some of the reading which i'm so pitifully behind in already, but alas i don't think that's going to happen tonite either.

I managed to waste almost the entire day at uni today - despite only having one 2 hour class. Needless to say, I spent the majority of the day reading various articles and chatting on MSN. Ben seems to FINALLY have worked out some of his problems with Micro$oft and got messenger working - which was a welcome surprise this afternoon. Which reminds me i should really try to get some more K.O exchangees onto my list before we all lose touch completely..

Hm what else. Oh a bit of news to report, on the weekend i played in my first badminton singles tournament in about a year - the Monash/SEBA Open. Had absolutely no training/preparation whatsoever. And i somehow came runner up in A grade - thanks partly to a good draw, and partly to the new (rather demented) scoring system which makes all the games shorter and quicker. I also partnered Lung in B grade doubles because his original partner, his bro, had to pull out. We ended up taking the B grade mens doubles trophy home (^_^). What's funny is we actually enterred B grade in last year's Monash tournament trophy hunting, but lost in our group stage and ended up in C grade haha. This year thankfully the same thing didn't happen. Maybe it was coz we had a legitimate reason this time lol. Although we did actually have one close-ish match where we were a bit lucky...

Anyway, that's all for now.

Friday, August 12, 2005



On a brighter note... i've met a couple of Keio exchangees here at Melbourne uni finally! Moe-san and Yumi-san are both here for a year long exchange program. Funnily enough i met both of them through the Jap club weekly conversation gatherings - so for once there seems to actually be Japanese people turning up to the Jap club events (^_^).

It was really nice chatting to both of them about my time in Japan at Keio Uni - and what is really cool is Moe-san seems to have been hanging out in all the places i was last year! She seems to know the names of the various spots just by description.. Cool huh. I wonder what it's like for them here in Melbourne.. being involved in almost the exact same program - but in reverse..

Anyway i have work again early tomorrow so i better get some rest. Night all.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

The Weekend

Had a good time this weekend. On Friday i stopped at uni to pick up my constitutional & administrative law assignment which had finally been marked. I was pleasantly surprised with my mark, which was somewhat higher than i was expecting. Friday night I went out bowling with my work buds after a late shift. Didn't really have time to go home so i ended up having some drive-thru maccas (for about the third day running) and heading over there straight from work. We had 2 lanes and had a bit of a competition between ourselves - which unfortunately my team ended up losing... twice. Still i think we all had a pretty good time - although having to get up for work the next day was a little painful after only getting home around 3am.

Saturday was work again. Lots of interesting stuff going on atm there - new rate plans coming out monday and various new handsets as well hopefully. Now if only i could find some way to fit in some law reading between getting home after work and the next day. I'm getting real behind already.. On Saturday night i went down to watch a film from the international film festival - but of all exotic places it turned out to be a film from the USA. There was a short weird featurette from France immediately preceeding it (which i think got a general approval rating of about 2/10 from the audience).. but the main movie was thoroughly enjoyable. I've already forgotten the name, but basically it was a documentary style movie about professional eating. It was quite hilarious listening to the guy speak in awe about the eating techniques employed by the world's best (rather overweight) professional hot dog eaters... Timing probably wasn't the best seeing as Aida and i had just stuffed ourselves full of dinner and coffee beforehand - but i had a great time anyway.

Today (Sunday) i went down to MSAC (for the first time in a long time) to play some badminton. Sze Lee had the great idea of calling reception to ask which court we were on rather than showing up in person - so that maybe we wouldn't have to pay. Haha. Plan was foiled when they switched off the lights on our court. After getting told off for being late for my booking and paying at the counter, light was restored and the four of us (Ez, Grace, Sze Lee and I) had a pretty good hit for the next couple of hours. Was really nice to get some exercise.

And just an hour or so ago, i got back from seeing 'The Lion King' musical. Which was 100% fantastic. Highly recommended to anybody who liked the original disney film - or who likes musicals generally. The props and costumes were really something else, and the music was naturally great as well. Also, I think it's the first time i've been to a musical where half the crowd is actually UNDER 40 years old (^_^)...

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

It's been a while

Yep i've finally gathered up enough motivation to write something again. Or maybe it's just a good excuse to not do more pressing things (like my reading for class tomorrow) ... okay i guess that's not such a hard one to work out. Moving right along.

I've sort of been wondering if i feel like writing about what's been up in my daily life recently - a bit like i used to do when i first started this thing. And to be honest i'm still undecided. But since it has been so long since i really posted anything at all i guess this doesn't quite count as 'daily life' does it (^^)!

A couple of weekends ago i entered my first badminton tournament this year. Only entered one event - A grade mixed doubles with my regular partner Aida. Having not played together since ... don't even know how long - probably about a year, we didn't have very high expectations. We got a pleasant surprise to see that our event had only four entries haha. Since it was so small the whole thing was just round robin - and if we'd won our last match as we should have, we actually had a chance of winning. Alas it was not to be after we got a bad call which kind of put both of us off our games a little. We ended up coming third on point-ratio countback.

With the start of uni again last week things have been getting busier and busier. The one thing i guess with my part-time job, is although i may spend the whole day at work, when i come home it stops. Which, in some ways is much less draining than uni which leaves you with all sorts of things you have to read/look up for next class (or so the teachers like to tell us at least ...). But then, even for someone as conscientious as yours truly reality is not terribly close to the ideal haha. Nonetheless i digress.

Betweeen trying to work out my timetable (ended up taking one less subject than planned), trying to keep up with the law reading for first week, and working (or attempting to work) 3 shifts i ended up quite sick over the last weekend. I was feeling fine on friday night after work, and then suddenly on saturday morning things weren't looking so good. I still somehow decided to go off to work that day (with the help of about half a pack of panadol). But when i got home i ate something and pretty much slept in stretches until monday. Not fun. It's been so long since i last got sick, i think i'd almost forgotten what it feels like... Anyway i'm on the mend now so i hope i stay that way.

And the other thing is as of today almost all the exchangees i landed in Tokyo with last year will now have left Japan. Really can't believe how fast time flies. Japan will really feel like a different place to me now if i go back. It makes seeing everybody for that last time just a few weeks ago that much more special. I don't know how many of you 別科生 read this but take care of yourselves all of you. Hope you all have as many great memories from your time on exchange as i do. One day i'm sure some of our paths will cross again... Till then!