Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Another day at uni

Property law lectures are off this week for some strange reason (they're apparently giving us time to do our assignments... the thing is, the assignment is only due in October). That meant today i had no official classes to attend (^_^)/

I still came into uni tho - spent a couple of hours doing some more derivatives study before lunch. I think i'm almost ready for the mid-sem now (it's only on the first three lectures haha). For lunch, i went by myself to this place on Pelham St which Chris introduced me to the other day. They have $5 pasta on Mon/Tues, and i felt like having something that wasn't dripping oil for a change.. Wasn't bad. But then wasn't that great either. At least it was cheap.

At the weekly MUJC conversation session i finally met up with Riyo again after not seeing her since the very beginning of the year when she arrived. Esther came along too which was good. I think the conversation gatherings have been a fantastic idea this year - it lets the language students get some proper practice speaking jap, and it also gives all the Japanese ppl a chance to meet up with each other and get to know more people (not to mention english practice). What is still amazing me is the number of non-melb uni people who turn up every week. I seem to meet somebody new every week which is realli cool. Of course the usual faces make regular appearances too so i'm getting to know more of the Jap club (both the locals and the japanese exchangees) for the first time which is probably a good thing as well.

I had a legal research session to attend after that - which was semi-helpful even tho the assignment is not really on my to-do list just yet since i have a few other things to get thru before then. Still, going to that at least made me feel like i hadn't been a complete bum today.

Went to have coffee and catch up with Em after that. I can now finally say that i've been to the proper Brunetti's lol. Can't remember what i had to drink - but it was some pretty funky tea-latte thing which tasted quite good (even if it smelled a little strange haha).. Em sounds like she had a really great time on exchange too. It was really cool swapping stories about life overseas - it always amazes me how well exchangees seem relate to one another's experiences even when the exchange-destinations are completely different.. Anyway that killed the next couple of hours rather quickly and before long it was time for Em's class and for me to head off home. Now if i could just get started on that con & admin thing for next week it..

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