Monday, August 29, 2005

Drinks Nite

Ah.. It's been so long since i've been out for a drink. Seriously need to get out more... altho with all the assessment coming up i doubt that'll be happening too much in the comin weeks.

Melbourne Uni tournament yesterday was a bit of a joke. I think i lost every match i played haha. I don't really have any excuse either. I had a reasonable night's sleep and i wasn't injured or anything. I was sorta thinking i'd rather be playing tennis most of the day unfortunately tho, which probably isn't the best attitude to have... Not that it would have made much of a difference even if i had been putting in 100% coz the competition was pretty fierce (since there was prize money for A grade...)

Went out tonite with the MU Jap club for the annual nomikai which happened right next to uni which was handy. Met up with Moe, Sho (Moe's friend who's visiting atm) and Satomi there too. There was so many people there at the start i was quite surprised. Being a combined event with TRAJAL (a Japanese service-industry oriented programme) I think the japanese people outnumbered us Aussies about 2 or 3 to 1...

Of course, not wanting to be beaten just sheer numbers we challenged them to a boat race (aka beer drinking contest) - 4v4 Australia vs Japan style. Unfortunately, after a rather bad start in the first round we rather unexpectedly came off second best. We lost by about a whole drink!

We naturally weren't satisfied with that and demanded a rematch a bit later on. In the second round, the ante was upped to 5 vs 5. We were going strong, and we were well ahead until our last runner when suddenly disaster struck. Somehow the Japanese underdogs had been gaining on us after a strong start from our first drinker, and by the time it got to no.5 they were only a couple of seconds behind. A surprising dash at the end from their last drinker ended the second round in another upset by Team Japan. I still can't believe it. I would just like to add that it was completely not my fault - we were still well ahead when *I* finished my run... Nevertheless, after a bit of jumping around and screaming 'aussie aussie aussie' we were feeling a bit better lol.

Anyway aside from that little let down it was a good nite. Met quite a few new interesting people *wink* and got to catch up with various ppl too. All in all, i wish it went for a bit longer. Now if i can just get myself to concentrate for a little bit longer until this little smat of assessment is over...

Things still to look forward to in the coming weeks:
AA Ball
MUJC Rakuen + Afterparty
Tennis with my new racquet

... Till next time.

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