Saturday, August 27, 2005

Few and far between

... my updates are. Time just seems to always get the better of me these days. I will still keep trying to write stuff up here a little bit more tho.

Right now i should really be doing more study for this mid-semester exam that seems to have crept up on me - i still can't work out how i don't know any of the course after 6 weeks of attending lectures - but of course, blogging always seems infinitely more interesting when the alternative is reading a textbook...

Tomorrow is the Melbourne Uni Badminton tournament. Seeing as there is no open grade as usual, I have about a 1% expectation of getting past the first round.. And as Clare reminded me the other day the tournament almost marks 365 days since i left for Tokyo last year... Seems sort of funny to think that a whole year has disappeared into the past and i'm still here wondering pretty much the same things as i was last year.

Haven't really been doing much of note recently. I have been getting lots of Japanese practice though haha. On Wed last week i volunteered to be a tour guide around the university for some Japanese students who came. They're here learning english for about a year but somehow the 50:50 english-japanese thing pretty quickly became about 99% japanese - which was good practice for me but not so good for them.. Then on Thursday i went down to this other Japanese conversation meeting thingo and met Satomi who's the third exchangee from Keio Uni at Melbourne! Had a nice long chat about exchange life here in Melbourne and in Tokyo and other random things. It's sort of a shame that i didn't meet the Keio exchangees a bit earlier on this year - i think they're all heading home off in less than 4 months already... Which i guess just shows how fast time realli flies these days huh.

Anyway that's all from me for now. Back to the books.

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