Tuesday, August 16, 2005


... finished my online exercises for Constitutional/Administrative Law. And they say they aren't meant to take long. Bleh. What is most annoying is some of them need you to type in an answer like "which court or courts have jurisidiction to hear applications at first instance?". And if you don't type it exactly the way they put the answer it's marked wrong. So i wasted about 30 minutes trying to work out how "The Federal Court or the Federal Magistrates Court" was incorrect, when the answer they were looking for was just "The Federal Court AND the Federal Magistrates Court". Bleh again.

Still feel like there's not enough time in the day at the moment. I wanted to try to start catching up on some of the reading which i'm so pitifully behind in already, but alas i don't think that's going to happen tonite either.

I managed to waste almost the entire day at uni today - despite only having one 2 hour class. Needless to say, I spent the majority of the day reading various articles and chatting on MSN. Ben seems to FINALLY have worked out some of his problems with Micro$oft and got messenger working - which was a welcome surprise this afternoon. Which reminds me i should really try to get some more K.O exchangees onto my list before we all lose touch completely..

Hm what else. Oh a bit of news to report, on the weekend i played in my first badminton singles tournament in about a year - the Monash/SEBA Open. Had absolutely no training/preparation whatsoever. And i somehow came runner up in A grade - thanks partly to a good draw, and partly to the new (rather demented) scoring system which makes all the games shorter and quicker. I also partnered Lung in B grade doubles because his original partner, his bro, had to pull out. We ended up taking the B grade mens doubles trophy home (^_^). What's funny is we actually enterred B grade in last year's Monash tournament trophy hunting, but lost in our group stage and ended up in C grade haha. This year thankfully the same thing didn't happen. Maybe it was coz we had a legitimate reason this time lol. Although we did actually have one close-ish match where we were a bit lucky...

Anyway, that's all for now.

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