Tuesday, August 02, 2005

It's been a while

Yep i've finally gathered up enough motivation to write something again. Or maybe it's just a good excuse to not do more pressing things (like my reading for class tomorrow) ... okay i guess that's not such a hard one to work out. Moving right along.

I've sort of been wondering if i feel like writing about what's been up in my daily life recently - a bit like i used to do when i first started this thing. And to be honest i'm still undecided. But since it has been so long since i really posted anything at all i guess this doesn't quite count as 'daily life' does it (^^)!

A couple of weekends ago i entered my first badminton tournament this year. Only entered one event - A grade mixed doubles with my regular partner Aida. Having not played together since ... don't even know how long - probably about a year, we didn't have very high expectations. We got a pleasant surprise to see that our event had only four entries haha. Since it was so small the whole thing was just round robin - and if we'd won our last match as we should have, we actually had a chance of winning. Alas it was not to be after we got a bad call which kind of put both of us off our games a little. We ended up coming third on point-ratio countback.

With the start of uni again last week things have been getting busier and busier. The one thing i guess with my part-time job, is although i may spend the whole day at work, when i come home it stops. Which, in some ways is much less draining than uni which leaves you with all sorts of things you have to read/look up for next class (or so the teachers like to tell us at least ...). But then, even for someone as conscientious as yours truly reality is not terribly close to the ideal haha. Nonetheless i digress.

Betweeen trying to work out my timetable (ended up taking one less subject than planned), trying to keep up with the law reading for first week, and working (or attempting to work) 3 shifts i ended up quite sick over the last weekend. I was feeling fine on friday night after work, and then suddenly on saturday morning things weren't looking so good. I still somehow decided to go off to work that day (with the help of about half a pack of panadol). But when i got home i ate something and pretty much slept in stretches until monday. Not fun. It's been so long since i last got sick, i think i'd almost forgotten what it feels like... Anyway i'm on the mend now so i hope i stay that way.

And the other thing is as of today almost all the exchangees i landed in Tokyo with last year will now have left Japan. Really can't believe how fast time flies. Japan will really feel like a different place to me now if i go back. It makes seeing everybody for that last time just a few weeks ago that much more special. I don't know how many of you 別科生 read this but take care of yourselves all of you. Hope you all have as many great memories from your time on exchange as i do. One day i'm sure some of our paths will cross again... Till then!

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