Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Some photos..

A bunch of us went out last week for a farewell dinner for Qui who's headed off to the US for exchange. Have a safe trip Qui~! I think the photos pretty much sum up the nite.

Qui practising his "i'm one of those lost guys from down-under looks"

Trying to work out what to eat...

We did manage to get food to come though

Blue pool

What else? Hm. I've decided to take up tennis again - i even went off and got myself a new racquet. So anybody who wants to have a hit sometime lemme know (^_^)..

Also, over the weekend i went along to the ILSS yum-cha which turned out to be a good catch-up session with a lot of law buddies i don't seem to see all that much these days. What happened to the good old days when everybody would just sit and bum around together... And speaking of catching up, today i ran into both Emily (who i hadn't seen for like a year and a half) AND Nat (last time i saw her was like .. 2 years ago??) - all in the space of about 10 minutes. Always makes me think about how just choosing to walk one way instead of the other can make all the difference...

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