Friday, August 12, 2005



On a brighter note... i've met a couple of Keio exchangees here at Melbourne uni finally! Moe-san and Yumi-san are both here for a year long exchange program. Funnily enough i met both of them through the Jap club weekly conversation gatherings - so for once there seems to actually be Japanese people turning up to the Jap club events (^_^).

It was really nice chatting to both of them about my time in Japan at Keio Uni - and what is really cool is Moe-san seems to have been hanging out in all the places i was last year! She seems to know the names of the various spots just by description.. Cool huh. I wonder what it's like for them here in Melbourne.. being involved in almost the exact same program - but in reverse..

Anyway i have work again early tomorrow so i better get some rest. Night all.

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