Sunday, August 07, 2005

The Weekend

Had a good time this weekend. On Friday i stopped at uni to pick up my constitutional & administrative law assignment which had finally been marked. I was pleasantly surprised with my mark, which was somewhat higher than i was expecting. Friday night I went out bowling with my work buds after a late shift. Didn't really have time to go home so i ended up having some drive-thru maccas (for about the third day running) and heading over there straight from work. We had 2 lanes and had a bit of a competition between ourselves - which unfortunately my team ended up losing... twice. Still i think we all had a pretty good time - although having to get up for work the next day was a little painful after only getting home around 3am.

Saturday was work again. Lots of interesting stuff going on atm there - new rate plans coming out monday and various new handsets as well hopefully. Now if only i could find some way to fit in some law reading between getting home after work and the next day. I'm getting real behind already.. On Saturday night i went down to watch a film from the international film festival - but of all exotic places it turned out to be a film from the USA. There was a short weird featurette from France immediately preceeding it (which i think got a general approval rating of about 2/10 from the audience).. but the main movie was thoroughly enjoyable. I've already forgotten the name, but basically it was a documentary style movie about professional eating. It was quite hilarious listening to the guy speak in awe about the eating techniques employed by the world's best (rather overweight) professional hot dog eaters... Timing probably wasn't the best seeing as Aida and i had just stuffed ourselves full of dinner and coffee beforehand - but i had a great time anyway.

Today (Sunday) i went down to MSAC (for the first time in a long time) to play some badminton. Sze Lee had the great idea of calling reception to ask which court we were on rather than showing up in person - so that maybe we wouldn't have to pay. Haha. Plan was foiled when they switched off the lights on our court. After getting told off for being late for my booking and paying at the counter, light was restored and the four of us (Ez, Grace, Sze Lee and I) had a pretty good hit for the next couple of hours. Was really nice to get some exercise.

And just an hour or so ago, i got back from seeing 'The Lion King' musical. Which was 100% fantastic. Highly recommended to anybody who liked the original disney film - or who likes musicals generally. The props and costumes were really something else, and the music was naturally great as well. Also, I think it's the first time i've been to a musical where half the crowd is actually UNDER 40 years old (^_^)...

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kAgE said...

ooooooo im gonna go see that with dot sometime =)

glad u gave a good review about it =p
i know i can trust ur review hehe (hopefully) =p