Wednesday, September 28, 2005

So drained

Went to Reclaim last night with Lung and co. which was a fun night out. All the pre-drinks were kind of wasted by eating too much KFC though haha - fastfood has some sort of weird undisclosed alcohol-absorbing ability i swear... What was more annoying was the strongest shot at Mercury Lounge was tequila so getting drunk there wasn't really within budget :(

For the first time though, we were there early [thanks to Justin scaring the other motorists off the road by driving in first gear a lot of the way] so we didn't have to wait in line for an hour to get in. It was still altogether way too packed for most of the night - except for the beginning which was decidedly empty and dead (until of course we got things happening on the dance floor ourselves haha).

Mel and Wen left sorta early for some reason though so it was home time for me almost right after i got to Heat. Sigh. I shall have to try to go there a bit earlier next time. Had some McDonalds for my shot of oil and grease before heading home. I actually ended up driving back from Mel's friend's house after taking a cab back there - which makes me wonder if i should have just driven us all there in the first place.

I got woken up by a call from work at 8 something which was about 2 hours too early for me (grumble no.1: why do people always seem to call when you need sleep most?). Short staffed at work again. I had to go into the office this morning anyway so i couldn't help out - altho i doubt i'd have been much help given the way i was feeling.

After trying to sleep (rather pointlessly) for another 30 minutes or so i got up and spent about 2 or so hours rather unproductively at the office trying to fix up the computers there. Had a quick fastfood lunch with Tez and Hwang [i think that means i ate a meal at KFC, McDonalds AND Hungry Jacks within the space of 12 hours] and went into uni after that. I was semi-productive in photocopying the few articles i could find (grumble no.2: why are the journals i want to copy stuff from ALWAYS missing when i look for them?) - and even reading them. Since then though i've just been feeling drained and haven't done anything worth mentioning.

Time to sleep i think...

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Holidays: Halfway + a bit

Once again the end of the holidays are looming. Too short as always. So far i guess they've been relatively enjoyable at least though.

Interesting stuff i've been up to (ie stuff i can remember):

Went with Mel to take my dog to meet Fi and Ez's new puppy (Lucy). They didn't get along very well. At least at first. Lady looked like she was trying to bite Lucy's head off. Lucy meanwhile thought it was all a very fun game. No harm done luckily :P

When we actually went for a walk though Lady calmed down and it was all good.

Mel, Fi and the dogs on a bridge across the yarra

Fi, Me and the doggies

It's been aages since i've been to Westerfolds park too.. i'd forgotten how nice the colour of the Australian bush is.

The faces of the yarra river

A stroll down memory lane

Work was a bitch. Weekends are always busy and two ppl went home sick leaving only two of us on the floor. Grumble. Luckily we're training some new staff atm so there was sort of an extra person downstairs who helped cover. Still, not getting a chance to sit down and take a 5 minute break until close is rather draining.

Went Go-Kart'ing with the guys (Garry, Soh, Hwang) down in Port Melb later. Wasn't really in the mood after work, but i still had a good time. My adrenalin levels were probably a bit low, but the rest of the guys all seemed pretty happy afterwards. That's the first time i've been (those crappy ones in theme parks that go at 20km/h excluded) and i must say it is quite different from driving a normal car. Traction is really high, and when ur basically sitting on the floor everything looks a lot faster haha. Need to go back and improve my time...

Went in to uni to 'study'. Didn't really happen. I spent about 1 hour out of the 8 hours i was there productively. I did get to play some tennis with Jasmine, Moe and Nancy though which was good... Looking at the weather in the morning it wasn't looking good but the rain held off and there was even some blue sky by the time we were on court.

Ran into quite a lot of (law) people at the law building too - which was surprising given that its the middle of holidays. Even saw Tez who i haven't seen in yonnks altho he was studying commerce stuff haha. Everybody seems so motivated. Sigh. I wish some of it would rub off on me...

Oh and as a pleasant surprise i got a parcel from Hong Kong just yesterday too. Turns out YesAsia is based there... so the CDs i ordered a little while back all arrived safe and sound. Still enjoying Zard's new album 君とのDistance. The Do as Infinity stuff is pretty good too. Not bad for random spur of the moment purchases (^_^)

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

My 5 weirdest traits/habits

The game's on and the rules are easy:
1) List 5 of your weirdest traits/habits
2) Ask 5 friends to do the same

Here's my list:
1. I don't watch TV.

2. Whenever I buy food at work, i've had the same thing almost every single time for the last 3 years: small honey chicken with steamed rice (take-away).

3. I have 7 speakers, a woofer and 2 computers in my bedroom.

4. I have to completely clear my desk before i can concentrate and do work on it.

5. I take waaay too many photos of my doggy. Speaking of which:

She just got a haircut..!

... and i just realised something else: her mouth opens really wide :)

Next victims: (I'm going to break the trend here) Whoever reads this and can be bothered to post a comment (^_^)/

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Holidays Day One

After being rather unproductive yesterday evening i decided i'd get some exercise today (yesterday i finished watching 元カレ! good drama overall i thought) . I woke up this morning looking forward to having a hit on the tennis court... Then i looked outside my window and saw how wet everything was from the rain and decided it was time for plan b: indoor sport. Then i remembered Soh was playing badminton. Convenient huh :) The weather actually did clear up by the time we had originally planned to play tennis tho - and i was sort of regretting being so fickle.

Anyway, i ended up playing badminton down at the sports centre in Boxhill with Soh, Moe and Jumimi. It was good fun too. And good exercise... for Soh at least, who looked as if he might collapse after a couple of the points haha :) We went off and had lunch (well ... maybe afternoon tea is a better way to describe it) at a place in Boxhill where Moe and I both ordered dan-dan noodles. Which i originally thought was 坦々麺 but obviously is something quite different. It was still nice. And much too big. Neither of us finished ours, although i must say Moe did a much better job of hers than i did of mine haha. Soh had his daily oil intake with some fried dumplings which he finished off no problems...

On a semi-related noted I seem to be eating less and less these days. I don't know if it's my appetite shrinking... or the fact that i talk to much when i eat with friends haha. I suspect it may be the latter.

After dropping Moe home i thought i'd try and study for a bit. Alas that wasn't terribly productive (read: i ended up having a nap instead) and before long it was time for badminton session #2 for the day over at DTBA. Games tonight there were all of a good standard... and a lot of laughing as well since Aida was there wif me. Being the finals nite for the monday nite competition there was also free food at the end - at about 10.30 - which was worth hanging around for... or at least, so said my stomach which i forgot to feed before getting there.

Also as a nice surprise i was awarded best player throughout the season or something. I didn't even hear what the award was properly, since i was busy helping myself to pizza but i got a bottle of red wine for my efforts haha. Badminton, free pizza AND free booze! Good nite.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Holidays are here

Yep, holidays have arrived at last so i have 2 weeks break from uni classes.

Had work during the day but somehow still managed to squeeze some tennis in afterwards with Garry and Ez. We played on some random court we found - despite the rather dismal weather which sort of alternated between "looking menacingly dark and stormy", and actually raining.. Of course the rain was no deterrent for us, and we all had a lot of fun even when it got too dark to see the ball properly (in fact, that probably made it more fun haha).

Later that nite it was my cousin Alex's 24th so we went down to the pub for some drinks with him...

Garry, Ez and the beer

Carl, Lung and Me

Unfortunately, none of us (except for Alex) really seemed to be interested in getting too smashed.. So after about 3 each we sorta called it a nite..

Birthday boy Alex (looking the wrong way - but it's my only photo with him in it lol)

Brian (this photo's all about the edges... left: Ez ... right: random ppl about to make out)

Since it wasn't that late we ended up heading over to the nearby pool hall/bar to have a few games. Pool with some alcohol definitely makes for a more interesting game i must say..

The pool place

Slept in till 2pm. First time in aages i've been able to have a really nice long sleep. Then i pretty much bummed around for the rest of the day (i.e. tried to read law cases for my assignment but ended up watching j-drama instead).

Went out for supper in Boxhill at about 10:30 with Eric and Ez. Haven't seen Eric is yonks.. Ran into Jacky there too, and then just before we were about to leave Sam and Michelle came in looking for food hehe. So we ended up staying there till quite late.. Which was probably a good thign or else i would have just tried to go to sleep before i'd really digested anything.

Today i had work the whole day. That of course meant that the weather would be absolutely perfect for doing something OUTSIDE. Just clear blue sky and sun. At least it was like that whenever i got a chance to look outside. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH MELBOURNE WEATHER... Sigh.

Thursday, September 15, 2005


No, nothing went wrong. The title is actually an acronym for Booz Allen Hamilton which is a management consulting firm. I was lucky enough to be accepted to go to a 'strategic workshop' run by them tonight over at the Melbourne Business School. Having absolutely no idea what management consulting actually is, it was a good introduction for me. Actually i think it was probably a good introductory session for most people since nobody really seemed to know any more than i did. I wonder how many of you readers do..

Anyway the night was pretty informal and gave us all a bit of insight into how things work there, and even to have a go at some strategic planning ourselves. What was interesting was the variety of academic backgrounds there. People ranged from being straight commerce students, to IS, engineering, law and even medicine. Being a firm very much involved in business/commerce, i thought that a little surprising at first. But i think i see how having people from various backgrounds helps the team's diversity and creativity, which is fundamental to management consulting firms generally.

My team had was assigned a case study on Peter's (ice cream company). Which was a whole heap of fun because it meant we just got to talk about ice cream and various weird and wacky derivations of it for a good 45 minutes. The 'elevator pitch' and presentation afterwards (which i somehow ended up doing) was a bit of a joke though. Ice cream theme parks anybody? :P At least we had fun.

Probably the best part of the night tho was getting to chat a bit to the BAH people after the formal session and get some first hand accounts of what it's like working there. That and the free drinks of course. And the HR girl seriously reminds me of Tamao (for those of you who know/remember her) haha. She speaks much better english though :)

Anyway it was definitely a night worth attending, and has given me something serious to consider as a career path. Though i think i should really start attending more of those 'meet the firm' nights and see what other options are out there properly.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Two days till holidays

Well, for me it's really only one since i don't have class on Friday. But i still can't believe we're this far through the semester. I seriously need to learn how to manage time better or something.

Caught up with Nat over coffee on Tues who's putting in a good effort with about 5 hours of classes... per week haha. Guess that's actually more than average though considering it's only for one subject. It's actually been ages since i've seen her but i don't think things have changed all that much - still the same old bubbly Nat i remember. It was kind of funny looking back at where everybody's ended up 4 years after school. Makes me wonder even more how far people will have drifted after 10..

Turned up to Jap club and caught up with 萌 a bit. Apparently her friend's coming to visit her during the hols... but only for 4 days!? 萌、友達に旅行を延長したらいいと伝えといて・・。かわいいから・・笑。冗談冗談。けど、せっかくメルボルンまで訪問するためやって来て、たった四日間だけってマジでもったいないじゃない? ?

Tomorrow, i've got this Booz Allen strategic workshop thing which should be interesting. I think it's like an introductory session for students to get to understand what a management consulting firm is all about, and of course a chance to meet some of the people there too. Till now i really haven't thought very hard about life after uni. Maybe i should. Hmm.

Anyway here's a list of stuff i wanna do this hols in no particular order:
Play some tennis with my new racquet (although by the time i manage to organise to play on a day that it's NOT raining i think my racquet isn't going to be 'new' anymore)
Property Law case note assignment (bleh)
Catch up on reading for my subjects (more bleh)
READ something that's not a text book or a case
Post some more photos up here
Get out of Melbourne

Monday, September 12, 2005

Another day, another blog

I wrote something a minute ago... but my net connection died taking my poor post with it to the nether realms of cyber space. Oh well. Only took me a few minutes anyway.

Been watching this j-drama called 元カレ (my ex-boyfriend) of late. So far so good. Unfortunately the copy i have has (hardcoded) subtitles - which i seem to read even when i make a conscious effort not to. The trouble is that in Japanese, the order of things is somewhat different to English. So when you keep reading things before they're actually said it kind of ruins the atmosphere a little. Of course, sometimes the subs are helpful - i still can't seem to understand Japanese guys when they all start yelling at each other... But on the whole it would be good if i could turn the subs off. I shall have to try to grab another copy soon..

Work today was routine. No particularly bad customers. A few rather arrogant annoying ones. Some nice ones to balance it all out. Nothing out of the ordinary really..

Went with dad to try to fix up the computers in the office after dinner. Got it sort of working. But if anybody knows how to get Oki multifunction printers shared directly on a LAN please let me know (^_^)/

In other miscellaneous news, cricket has suddenly become a whole lot more interesting now that Australia is actually in danger of losing for once. Still annoyed that we might lose the ashes coz of the stupid weather though. Also finally looked at my credit card bill (@_@) ... time to start paying it all off..

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Sleepy saturday

I'm feeling so drained today for some reason. I had a good long sleep, but I've managed to spend most of the day just moping around watching cricket/tennis on TV, eating and staring at my law notes in 15 minute stretches (not that anything seems to be going in). And now it's already almost 5.30. I want my day back.

Not much has been going on since my last post. Skipped class on Thursday since i really couldn't be bothered after staying up to do that assignment. Had work that afternoon - which was fairly quiet - and found out i had to open shop on Friday morning. Which is always a bit of a pain since it means in addition to having to drive across Melbourne to get to work, i have to drive across Melbourne through peak hour traffic. Slept in rather spectacularly on Friday by about an hour but still managed to get there on time (albeit half asleep).

Last nite i felt like doing something so i went clubbing down at Lavish with my cousins. We got there a bit earlier than expected so we decided we'd wait outside for Annie to arrive. Of course, as plans tend to go, that somehow got screwed up and we ended up waiting in line for like 30 minutes while Annie somehow walked straight in. Anyway the place is quite nice i suppose - best thing about it though is that u can walk outside between the two rooms if you need a break from all the smoke (^_^).

Had some lamb wrap thing from the corner place on the way home too. Mmm food.

Thursday, September 08, 2005



Oh and today i met and got to have a chat with a noble prize winner (Sir Clive Granger) AND the dean of the commerce faculty. I'm still in awe.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Argh. I just had my mid-sem for derivatives. Friggen... Thinking about it now it actually wasn't even that hard. Sighhhhh. Dumb mistakes + time problems = bad exam. Now for this con & admin assignment. (@_@)

Sunday, September 04, 2005

To do... to do...

Had work today from 10am. But I managed to look at next week's roster by mistake, so i thought i started at 10.30. Luckily, i went in early to look for a card for my dad (for Father's Day) and grandma (for her birthday) - and i got a call from the store before long.

The systems were down today until almost 4pm due to some upgrades being done - which was kind of frustrating because it meant we could hardly do anything. Then again, in some ways it was good because it meant less work..

Last night we had a huge dinner with family (with dad's side) for my grandma's birthday - where i ate waay too much as usual. Tonite there's another family gathering (with mum's side tho) for father's day. I decided not to go to that coz of this assignment i have to get done by thursday... and my mid-sem on wednesday. Ahhhhh i can't wait till this week is over..

Saturday, September 03, 2005

AA Ball 2005

Well the big nite of booze finally came around: AA Ball 2005. One thousand asians packed into a cool venue with unlimited alcohol AND pre-drinks at Lung's place... what more could you want? Well perhaps all that with less vomit, but i thought everybody held up relatively well all things considered. [don't worry, the photos i posted are all quite sanitary haha]

We had a bit more time (read: more alcohol) than expected a Lung's coz the girls took a while to get there.. All 11 of us piled into a maxi-cab and made it there in good time tho. That was probably thanks to a rather cool cab driver - we managed to get air off a speed hump on the way down haha. The girls didn't seem to like that much but i thought it made the ride more interesting..

Tickets to a good night out

The venue was The Atrium at Flemington Race Course. Nobody had ever been there so we did have some initial trouble finding it. Once we found the line of cabs full of asian people we were set though.

When we got there at about 7 the main doors still hadn't opened.. pre-drinks were still being served in the foyer. Two rounds of pre-drinks and no food hmm. When we finally did get inside the place was quite nice... and it was big enough to fit everybody comfortably. The food was pretty standard ball fare (that is, quite bad)... but even ball food soaks up alcohol so most people ate at least some of it. Can't really remember what we did in there to pass the time so quickly but it seemed like we just got in and it was time to leave for the after party. That was off at Next Blue in Crown and there was shuttle buses to take us all there. Unfortunately we missed the first lot of buses and ended up taking a cab down there. Most of the ppl who waited for the next round of buses ended up not making it inside coz the queue was too big.

We lost quite a few people in there when a lot of that alcohol started coming back up haha. Most of us met up again in the food court at about 2 or 3 am before catching another maxi-cab home. Unfortunately at the afterparty i was either too drunk or tired to take any photos coz i don't seem to have a single one from there...

Anyway i'll let the pictures do a the rest of the talking:

Lung and his chicks (sorry can't remember names)

Fi Me and Jun

In the foyer before we went in

Andrew Henry and Lung

Garry Mika Clare and Me

The dance floor

Lung Clare and I

Awwwwwwww... (^_^)

Dessert ..