Saturday, September 03, 2005

AA Ball 2005

Well the big nite of booze finally came around: AA Ball 2005. One thousand asians packed into a cool venue with unlimited alcohol AND pre-drinks at Lung's place... what more could you want? Well perhaps all that with less vomit, but i thought everybody held up relatively well all things considered. [don't worry, the photos i posted are all quite sanitary haha]

We had a bit more time (read: more alcohol) than expected a Lung's coz the girls took a while to get there.. All 11 of us piled into a maxi-cab and made it there in good time tho. That was probably thanks to a rather cool cab driver - we managed to get air off a speed hump on the way down haha. The girls didn't seem to like that much but i thought it made the ride more interesting..

Tickets to a good night out

The venue was The Atrium at Flemington Race Course. Nobody had ever been there so we did have some initial trouble finding it. Once we found the line of cabs full of asian people we were set though.

When we got there at about 7 the main doors still hadn't opened.. pre-drinks were still being served in the foyer. Two rounds of pre-drinks and no food hmm. When we finally did get inside the place was quite nice... and it was big enough to fit everybody comfortably. The food was pretty standard ball fare (that is, quite bad)... but even ball food soaks up alcohol so most people ate at least some of it. Can't really remember what we did in there to pass the time so quickly but it seemed like we just got in and it was time to leave for the after party. That was off at Next Blue in Crown and there was shuttle buses to take us all there. Unfortunately we missed the first lot of buses and ended up taking a cab down there. Most of the ppl who waited for the next round of buses ended up not making it inside coz the queue was too big.

We lost quite a few people in there when a lot of that alcohol started coming back up haha. Most of us met up again in the food court at about 2 or 3 am before catching another maxi-cab home. Unfortunately at the afterparty i was either too drunk or tired to take any photos coz i don't seem to have a single one from there...

Anyway i'll let the pictures do a the rest of the talking:

Lung and his chicks (sorry can't remember names)

Fi Me and Jun

In the foyer before we went in

Andrew Henry and Lung

Garry Mika Clare and Me

The dance floor

Lung Clare and I

Awwwwwwww... (^_^)

Dessert ..


liang said...

taxi went air borne lol

i still have beer at my place if u want! =]
i dont think i can drink ne more.... just the thought just makes me wanna *puke*

Garry said...

We shouldn't forget how Jon was trying to work out his finances after getting out of the cab...haha...classic!