Monday, September 12, 2005

Another day, another blog

I wrote something a minute ago... but my net connection died taking my poor post with it to the nether realms of cyber space. Oh well. Only took me a few minutes anyway.

Been watching this j-drama called 元カレ (my ex-boyfriend) of late. So far so good. Unfortunately the copy i have has (hardcoded) subtitles - which i seem to read even when i make a conscious effort not to. The trouble is that in Japanese, the order of things is somewhat different to English. So when you keep reading things before they're actually said it kind of ruins the atmosphere a little. Of course, sometimes the subs are helpful - i still can't seem to understand Japanese guys when they all start yelling at each other... But on the whole it would be good if i could turn the subs off. I shall have to try to grab another copy soon..

Work today was routine. No particularly bad customers. A few rather arrogant annoying ones. Some nice ones to balance it all out. Nothing out of the ordinary really..

Went with dad to try to fix up the computers in the office after dinner. Got it sort of working. But if anybody knows how to get Oki multifunction printers shared directly on a LAN please let me know (^_^)/

In other miscellaneous news, cricket has suddenly become a whole lot more interesting now that Australia is actually in danger of losing for once. Still annoyed that we might lose the ashes coz of the stupid weather though. Also finally looked at my credit card bill (@_@) ... time to start paying it all off..


Krispy said...

ya, i know what you mean about "not reading subtitles..." I'm happy my japanese has progressed enough that I actually have the same problem with japanese subtitles now... like, watching moulin rouge with japanese subtitles on has the same annoying effect of watching it with english subtitles on: you sit there reading all the lines instead of hearing them, so the words lose their punch, especially when it's a mediocre japanese translation. and you laugh before the actors onscreen actually say their joke. =P

One solution: If you're using a program like zplayer you can blank out the bottom chunk of the screen where the subtitles appear. Course, another low-tech solution is propping a book or envelope up against the bottom of the screen ;)

Adrian said...

Haha you know, i've actually done that low-tech solution of yours before.. Works okay until you start watching in a dark room and you can see through the bit of paper :P