Thursday, September 15, 2005


No, nothing went wrong. The title is actually an acronym for Booz Allen Hamilton which is a management consulting firm. I was lucky enough to be accepted to go to a 'strategic workshop' run by them tonight over at the Melbourne Business School. Having absolutely no idea what management consulting actually is, it was a good introduction for me. Actually i think it was probably a good introductory session for most people since nobody really seemed to know any more than i did. I wonder how many of you readers do..

Anyway the night was pretty informal and gave us all a bit of insight into how things work there, and even to have a go at some strategic planning ourselves. What was interesting was the variety of academic backgrounds there. People ranged from being straight commerce students, to IS, engineering, law and even medicine. Being a firm very much involved in business/commerce, i thought that a little surprising at first. But i think i see how having people from various backgrounds helps the team's diversity and creativity, which is fundamental to management consulting firms generally.

My team had was assigned a case study on Peter's (ice cream company). Which was a whole heap of fun because it meant we just got to talk about ice cream and various weird and wacky derivations of it for a good 45 minutes. The 'elevator pitch' and presentation afterwards (which i somehow ended up doing) was a bit of a joke though. Ice cream theme parks anybody? :P At least we had fun.

Probably the best part of the night tho was getting to chat a bit to the BAH people after the formal session and get some first hand accounts of what it's like working there. That and the free drinks of course. And the HR girl seriously reminds me of Tamao (for those of you who know/remember her) haha. She speaks much better english though :)

Anyway it was definitely a night worth attending, and has given me something serious to consider as a career path. Though i think i should really start attending more of those 'meet the firm' nights and see what other options are out there properly.

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cmone said...

hahaha i love the name of this company!


all i know about "business consulting"'d make the employees SOUND very sophisticated + extremely knowledgeable. how good they are, i wouldn't know coz i've never done "consulting" before :P

Happy Moon Festival adrian!