Sunday, September 18, 2005

Holidays are here

Yep, holidays have arrived at last so i have 2 weeks break from uni classes.

Had work during the day but somehow still managed to squeeze some tennis in afterwards with Garry and Ez. We played on some random court we found - despite the rather dismal weather which sort of alternated between "looking menacingly dark and stormy", and actually raining.. Of course the rain was no deterrent for us, and we all had a lot of fun even when it got too dark to see the ball properly (in fact, that probably made it more fun haha).

Later that nite it was my cousin Alex's 24th so we went down to the pub for some drinks with him...

Garry, Ez and the beer

Carl, Lung and Me

Unfortunately, none of us (except for Alex) really seemed to be interested in getting too smashed.. So after about 3 each we sorta called it a nite..

Birthday boy Alex (looking the wrong way - but it's my only photo with him in it lol)

Brian (this photo's all about the edges... left: Ez ... right: random ppl about to make out)

Since it wasn't that late we ended up heading over to the nearby pool hall/bar to have a few games. Pool with some alcohol definitely makes for a more interesting game i must say..

The pool place

Slept in till 2pm. First time in aages i've been able to have a really nice long sleep. Then i pretty much bummed around for the rest of the day (i.e. tried to read law cases for my assignment but ended up watching j-drama instead).

Went out for supper in Boxhill at about 10:30 with Eric and Ez. Haven't seen Eric is yonks.. Ran into Jacky there too, and then just before we were about to leave Sam and Michelle came in looking for food hehe. So we ended up staying there till quite late.. Which was probably a good thign or else i would have just tried to go to sleep before i'd really digested anything.

Today i had work the whole day. That of course meant that the weather would be absolutely perfect for doing something OUTSIDE. Just clear blue sky and sun. At least it was like that whenever i got a chance to look outside. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH MELBOURNE WEATHER... Sigh.

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