Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Holidays Day One

After being rather unproductive yesterday evening i decided i'd get some exercise today (yesterday i finished watching 元カレ! good drama overall i thought) . I woke up this morning looking forward to having a hit on the tennis court... Then i looked outside my window and saw how wet everything was from the rain and decided it was time for plan b: indoor sport. Then i remembered Soh was playing badminton. Convenient huh :) The weather actually did clear up by the time we had originally planned to play tennis tho - and i was sort of regretting being so fickle.

Anyway, i ended up playing badminton down at the sports centre in Boxhill with Soh, Moe and Jumimi. It was good fun too. And good exercise... for Soh at least, who looked as if he might collapse after a couple of the points haha :) We went off and had lunch (well ... maybe afternoon tea is a better way to describe it) at a place in Boxhill where Moe and I both ordered dan-dan noodles. Which i originally thought was 坦々麺 but obviously is something quite different. It was still nice. And much too big. Neither of us finished ours, although i must say Moe did a much better job of hers than i did of mine haha. Soh had his daily oil intake with some fried dumplings which he finished off no problems...

On a semi-related noted I seem to be eating less and less these days. I don't know if it's my appetite shrinking... or the fact that i talk to much when i eat with friends haha. I suspect it may be the latter.

After dropping Moe home i thought i'd try and study for a bit. Alas that wasn't terribly productive (read: i ended up having a nap instead) and before long it was time for badminton session #2 for the day over at DTBA. Games tonight there were all of a good standard... and a lot of laughing as well since Aida was there wif me. Being the finals nite for the monday nite competition there was also free food at the end - at about 10.30 - which was worth hanging around for... or at least, so said my stomach which i forgot to feed before getting there.

Also as a nice surprise i was awarded best player throughout the season or something. I didn't even hear what the award was properly, since i was busy helping myself to pizza but i got a bottle of red wine for my efforts haha. Badminton, free pizza AND free booze! Good nite.

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