Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Holidays: Halfway + a bit

Once again the end of the holidays are looming. Too short as always. So far i guess they've been relatively enjoyable at least though.

Interesting stuff i've been up to (ie stuff i can remember):

Went with Mel to take my dog to meet Fi and Ez's new puppy (Lucy). They didn't get along very well. At least at first. Lady looked like she was trying to bite Lucy's head off. Lucy meanwhile thought it was all a very fun game. No harm done luckily :P

When we actually went for a walk though Lady calmed down and it was all good.

Mel, Fi and the dogs on a bridge across the yarra

Fi, Me and the doggies

It's been aages since i've been to Westerfolds park too.. i'd forgotten how nice the colour of the Australian bush is.

The faces of the yarra river

A stroll down memory lane

Work was a bitch. Weekends are always busy and two ppl went home sick leaving only two of us on the floor. Grumble. Luckily we're training some new staff atm so there was sort of an extra person downstairs who helped cover. Still, not getting a chance to sit down and take a 5 minute break until close is rather draining.

Went Go-Kart'ing with the guys (Garry, Soh, Hwang) down in Port Melb later. Wasn't really in the mood after work, but i still had a good time. My adrenalin levels were probably a bit low, but the rest of the guys all seemed pretty happy afterwards. That's the first time i've been (those crappy ones in theme parks that go at 20km/h excluded) and i must say it is quite different from driving a normal car. Traction is really high, and when ur basically sitting on the floor everything looks a lot faster haha. Need to go back and improve my time...

Went in to uni to 'study'. Didn't really happen. I spent about 1 hour out of the 8 hours i was there productively. I did get to play some tennis with Jasmine, Moe and Nancy though which was good... Looking at the weather in the morning it wasn't looking good but the rain held off and there was even some blue sky by the time we were on court.

Ran into quite a lot of (law) people at the law building too - which was surprising given that its the middle of holidays. Even saw Tez who i haven't seen in yonnks altho he was studying commerce stuff haha. Everybody seems so motivated. Sigh. I wish some of it would rub off on me...

Oh and as a pleasant surprise i got a parcel from Hong Kong just yesterday too. Turns out YesAsia is based there... so the CDs i ordered a little while back all arrived safe and sound. Still enjoying Zard's new album 君とのDistance. The Do as Infinity stuff is pretty good too. Not bad for random spur of the moment purchases (^_^)

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