Wednesday, September 21, 2005

My 5 weirdest traits/habits

The game's on and the rules are easy:
1) List 5 of your weirdest traits/habits
2) Ask 5 friends to do the same

Here's my list:
1. I don't watch TV.

2. Whenever I buy food at work, i've had the same thing almost every single time for the last 3 years: small honey chicken with steamed rice (take-away).

3. I have 7 speakers, a woofer and 2 computers in my bedroom.

4. I have to completely clear my desk before i can concentrate and do work on it.

5. I take waaay too many photos of my doggy. Speaking of which:

She just got a haircut..!

... and i just realised something else: her mouth opens really wide :)

Next victims: (I'm going to break the trend here) Whoever reads this and can be bothered to post a comment (^_^)/


little_melody said...

#2 is disgusting!!!!

shoe-a-holic said...

hey Age! it's Kerrrrrrryyyyyyy! you don't watch TV? how is that possible? and honey chicken, doesn't that get a little ewww after a while? (i'd better see a comment form you on my blog on Ez's)

fe said...

lol aww age, i thought i'd find some of those "aww" moments we caught at westerfolds?!

quebeck said...

I don't see anyone actually continuing with your game, I'll give it a shot though:

1) I don't watch "TV" either (I watch a few tv series but I dl them from the net).

2) I collect movies, "collect" being the operative word (I don't actually have time to watch any of the movies).

3) I hate computers, even though I'm on mine all the time.

4) I'm obsessive about organisation, things have to go in the right place all the time.

5) I have a hair fetish. I love people with interesting/beautiful hair.

I don't think anyone else is gonna comment on your blog though age.

kAgE said...

he's wrong =p

but i don't think anyone's really gonna follow the game hahaha =p

but it's weird that you didn't actually tell 5 other people to do it, they prolly just decided to anyhow

my 5 would probably be

1) I can keep on eating after i'm full

2) I only watch tv when the cricket's on, or when i'm eating dinner and there's temptation on

3) I don't listen to radio so i don't know what the latest songs are

4) I can play snooker till any time of the night or morning

5) There's 6 speakers in my room which only 4 are plugged in and the other 2 sit happily on my desk twiddling their cones and shields

shoe-a-holic said...

Age! i don't enjoy watching or making lesbian porn! omg, i'm so misunderstood ;(

Garry said...

wth, lesbian porn?
This comment section has kicked up a level...
the comment section is becoming more fun to read den the blog itself... :P ...hehe...

nanshii said...

I said I'd leave a comment so here it is... hehe see I CAN be stuffed :) p.s love the pics of Lady!