Saturday, September 10, 2005

Sleepy saturday

I'm feeling so drained today for some reason. I had a good long sleep, but I've managed to spend most of the day just moping around watching cricket/tennis on TV, eating and staring at my law notes in 15 minute stretches (not that anything seems to be going in). And now it's already almost 5.30. I want my day back.

Not much has been going on since my last post. Skipped class on Thursday since i really couldn't be bothered after staying up to do that assignment. Had work that afternoon - which was fairly quiet - and found out i had to open shop on Friday morning. Which is always a bit of a pain since it means in addition to having to drive across Melbourne to get to work, i have to drive across Melbourne through peak hour traffic. Slept in rather spectacularly on Friday by about an hour but still managed to get there on time (albeit half asleep).

Last nite i felt like doing something so i went clubbing down at Lavish with my cousins. We got there a bit earlier than expected so we decided we'd wait outside for Annie to arrive. Of course, as plans tend to go, that somehow got screwed up and we ended up waiting in line for like 30 minutes while Annie somehow walked straight in. Anyway the place is quite nice i suppose - best thing about it though is that u can walk outside between the two rooms if you need a break from all the smoke (^_^).

Had some lamb wrap thing from the corner place on the way home too. Mmm food.

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