Wednesday, September 28, 2005

So drained

Went to Reclaim last night with Lung and co. which was a fun night out. All the pre-drinks were kind of wasted by eating too much KFC though haha - fastfood has some sort of weird undisclosed alcohol-absorbing ability i swear... What was more annoying was the strongest shot at Mercury Lounge was tequila so getting drunk there wasn't really within budget :(

For the first time though, we were there early [thanks to Justin scaring the other motorists off the road by driving in first gear a lot of the way] so we didn't have to wait in line for an hour to get in. It was still altogether way too packed for most of the night - except for the beginning which was decidedly empty and dead (until of course we got things happening on the dance floor ourselves haha).

Mel and Wen left sorta early for some reason though so it was home time for me almost right after i got to Heat. Sigh. I shall have to try to go there a bit earlier next time. Had some McDonalds for my shot of oil and grease before heading home. I actually ended up driving back from Mel's friend's house after taking a cab back there - which makes me wonder if i should have just driven us all there in the first place.

I got woken up by a call from work at 8 something which was about 2 hours too early for me (grumble no.1: why do people always seem to call when you need sleep most?). Short staffed at work again. I had to go into the office this morning anyway so i couldn't help out - altho i doubt i'd have been much help given the way i was feeling.

After trying to sleep (rather pointlessly) for another 30 minutes or so i got up and spent about 2 or so hours rather unproductively at the office trying to fix up the computers there. Had a quick fastfood lunch with Tez and Hwang [i think that means i ate a meal at KFC, McDonalds AND Hungry Jacks within the space of 12 hours] and went into uni after that. I was semi-productive in photocopying the few articles i could find (grumble no.2: why are the journals i want to copy stuff from ALWAYS missing when i look for them?) - and even reading them. Since then though i've just been feeling drained and haven't done anything worth mentioning.

Time to sleep i think...


fe said...

you Cant SLEEP age! NO sleEping!


nah im absolutely knackered too. im STILL recoverin.. :)
fun night tho yer

Adrian said...

Haha the sandwich eh... Next time we'll have to get to heat a bit earlier. Or just elbow your way through the crowds in the other clubs lol.

Heard you had a rather late (early?) nite huh.. Sighhh i shoulda stayed out tooooo.