Sunday, September 04, 2005

To do... to do...

Had work today from 10am. But I managed to look at next week's roster by mistake, so i thought i started at 10.30. Luckily, i went in early to look for a card for my dad (for Father's Day) and grandma (for her birthday) - and i got a call from the store before long.

The systems were down today until almost 4pm due to some upgrades being done - which was kind of frustrating because it meant we could hardly do anything. Then again, in some ways it was good because it meant less work..

Last night we had a huge dinner with family (with dad's side) for my grandma's birthday - where i ate waay too much as usual. Tonite there's another family gathering (with mum's side tho) for father's day. I decided not to go to that coz of this assignment i have to get done by thursday... and my mid-sem on wednesday. Ahhhhh i can't wait till this week is over..

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