Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Two days till holidays

Well, for me it's really only one since i don't have class on Friday. But i still can't believe we're this far through the semester. I seriously need to learn how to manage time better or something.

Caught up with Nat over coffee on Tues who's putting in a good effort with about 5 hours of classes... per week haha. Guess that's actually more than average though considering it's only for one subject. It's actually been ages since i've seen her but i don't think things have changed all that much - still the same old bubbly Nat i remember. It was kind of funny looking back at where everybody's ended up 4 years after school. Makes me wonder even more how far people will have drifted after 10..

Turned up to Jap club and caught up with 萌 a bit. Apparently her friend's coming to visit her during the hols... but only for 4 days!? 萌、友達に旅行を延長したらいいと伝えといて・・。かわいいから・・笑。冗談冗談。けど、せっかくメルボルンまで訪問するためやって来て、たった四日間だけってマジでもったいないじゃない? ?

Tomorrow, i've got this Booz Allen strategic workshop thing which should be interesting. I think it's like an introductory session for students to get to understand what a management consulting firm is all about, and of course a chance to meet some of the people there too. Till now i really haven't thought very hard about life after uni. Maybe i should. Hmm.

Anyway here's a list of stuff i wanna do this hols in no particular order:
Play some tennis with my new racquet (although by the time i manage to organise to play on a day that it's NOT raining i think my racquet isn't going to be 'new' anymore)
Property Law case note assignment (bleh)
Catch up on reading for my subjects (more bleh)
READ something that's not a text book or a case
Post some more photos up here
Get out of Melbourne

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