Sunday, October 30, 2005

Halloween '05

Mop had his halloween party tonite. Although we were running a bit late we eventually did find his place in the rain..

When we got inside we were greeted by this fella

Candles and blood spattered on the walls set the mood quite nicely

Not to mention our host, Mr. Mophead himself

.. Lotsa ppl came as blood-covered mad-doctors and other various dark incarnations.. and a cat girl complete with leather pants and whip (^_^) - no pictures tho.. sorry.

We, however, didn't quite fit in with the whole 'evil' theme eheh

Yep and we even had a rock-chick

.. And what did i go as?...

Yeh i think it suits me.

Nah actually that was Aydan's halo... i had a sword instead (thanks Soh!)

*notice the missing halo*

Annie shared her wig too


Hobo-Isabelle + Wig

My skeleton buddy

All in all a fun (though a bit short) nite out. Time to go get some rest.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

End of semester

It still hasn't quite sunk in that i had my last class for 4th year university today. All that's left now is exams. At least i think it's given me a bit more motivation to get started on revision for them.

Had lunch with Satomi again today - and we ended up going back to the same place. We had a good long chat tho about all sortsa stuff. Sad that all the exchangees are going home again already. Seems like it was just a few weeks ago that i had to say goodbye to my own life as an exchange student... Anyway the end result was that i was a bit late for work again today lol. At least there wasn't much traffic (^_^)

Anyway, i'll keep this one short.

*note to self: get some photos for blog*

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Tuesday blog

I've noticed this (blogging on Tuesdays) has become a bit of a trend for me lately. Probably because i'm usually feeling quite happy after getting some exercise (tuesday is tennis day) or something. And the weather on Tuesdays seems to be somehow better too. Hmmm. Or maybe it's just in comparison to Mondays which start at 6.30am for me...

Today was a bit of an exception tho. With the weather not looking too promising, and the fact that i really should be studying for my upcoming exams, tennis was cancelled today. When we got to uni we were sort of regretting that tho - the sky managed to clear itself up and the sun made an appearance as usual. But after sitting myself down in the library next to the window, it started pouring rain about 10 minutes later (typical Melbourne weather.. sigh). At least we cancelled tennis on the right day.

On the bright side though i managed to get some study done instead. At least until lunch time. On the way to get lunch i ran into Sam - who i had a brief 15 minute catchup with - before heading off to Jap club as usual. I somehow forgot to eat lunch (and amazingly, so did my stomach).. which was bad since the 2 hour property lecture was straight after Jap club, and then after that i had another couple of hours of con&admin exams to get through with Alex. To make things worse i didn't eat breakfast either..

I actually didn't go to class again. I did manage to walk half way to the law building before deciding that i really wouldn't be missing much. Played some basketball instead with the rest of the Jap club ppls. But what was more fun was the mini-sumo matches we had after lol. We managed to finally beat Ikuo (who claims he weighs 100kg) after we went 3v1 against him..

Managed to get through another practice question with Alex afterwards which was - i think - semi productive. And afterwards because i was waiting for Dad to come get me on the way back from work, i ended up spending another two and a half hours in the library doing some revision [and listening to the lecture i skipped, which was not, as i guessed, all that useful in the end].

My stomach meanwhile must have died from starvation because it pretty much stopped bothering me while i was studying. Which is probably my worst enemy when it comes to sitting down to do anything boring, like reading high court cases.

Maybe i should try not eating anything till 10.30 at nite more often...

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Another wasted saturday

Didn't do any study today. Absolutely none.

Exams are going to be fun.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

About that time again

Haven't written anything up here for a little bit so i thought now was about as good a time as any to give all you anonymous readers something to look at. There's not really a whole lot to report unfortunately. That doesn't mean i don't have anything to write tho haha (yes, that's right i'm going to rely on my knack for crapping on about relatively small insignificant things that seem interesting to me at the moment)

Exams are looming. Stress still hasn't really kicked in to give me that little bit of extra concentration (and motivation) so things have been going along pretty much as usual for me. I suppose i'm one of the luckier ones in that i don't have any assignments to worry about before exams (and haven't had any for at least two weeks now). Unfortunately i haven't really made use of that advantage very well.

I have managed to make myself hang around at uni to study a little bit later this week tho - yesterday spent about two and a half hours plodding through some admin law with Chris, Alex and Michelle. I think it somehow took us that whole time to realise that we were going waay to slow tho ahha. But it was still useful (for me) for two things:
(1) I'd some how missed one of the seminars completely (and i don't even remember missing it) ... but now i have some notes for that (thanks Chris).
(2) I only need to get 9.5 marks out of 40 on the exam to pass (thanks Michelle)! That's probably one reason why stress is still not kicking in despite exams being only a couple of weeks away.

And today i stayed back to do some contracts with Parv. We're going a bit too slowly in that too - but hopefully that's because we've just started doing exam papers. And maybe because it was mainly just me trying to work thru most of it. I still can't believe Parv managed to stay awake without having slept for 35 hours.. [apparently listening to 9 hours of criminal law ilectures does weird things to you haha]

Wow half the post on studying. Anyway yesterday i played tennis again. Weather was absolutely perfect for it too: 25 degrees and perfect blue sky. Mm i seriously need to carry my camera around to take more photos for this blog. It's a bit hard to convey stuff like how nice the day was with words ... Ez, Garry, Moe and Soz all came along and i think we all got our daily dose of sun (except maybe for Moe who somehow manages to play tennis wearing her full tracksuit.....).

AND i'm also pleased to announce i only skipped half my property lecture yesterday after going along to the Jap club gathering. I listened to the rest on ilecture afterwards and i didn't really miss much anyway. I think i should have just skipped the whole thing. At least then i could have had coffee or something instead.. Oh and somewhat relatedly, i got to talk a bit with Naoko yesterday.. who i always sort of see around but have never really met properly. But it wasn't until today after C&A (which incidentally was the last proper class for the year.. !) when i bumped into her at the law building that i realised she studies law too. I'm still so impressed that she's managing to take all these law subjects in english... I'd find it sooooo hard to read Japanese cases (if the judges there are anything like what they are here).

And anyway for anybody who's bothered to read all the way down to here, there's just one more completely unrelated thing. After chatting to Matthias the other day on MSN we came up with the idea of having an exchange student 'reunion' on MSN - which we scheduled for last Sunday. It was rather poorly organised (by me) but we did manage to sort of confirm a time and everything. Unfortunately turnout was rather poor hehe. Only Simone and I were actually around at the scheduled time - but we did manage to have a little mini 'conversation-partner' reunion (kinda long story - but ask me if u really wanna know) when Asli came on for a few minutes before she had to head out. The co-organiser, Matthias, didn't make it. He didn't even tell me that he couldn't make it hahah ! Altho he did apparently tell Sayaka..

Annyway all in all it wasn't such a great success but it's nice to know we can all still keep in touch relatively easily thanks to the advances in communication technology these days. Still amazing to think we can all be so far apart but chatting as if we were in the same room together... Okay i'll leave my random ramblings for another time. And if you've read this far i really think you should stop reading already and find something more productive to do with yourself hehe.

Till next time.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Alocohol is bad for studying

Yesterday i decided to go clubbing with Lung and Hen. Intended to have a fairly early nite so i could get up and do some practice exams today. But i drank waay too much and i don't even know how i got home. Thanks Hen/Lung for getting me back here in one piece (i'm assuming it was u guys who brought me back lol).

Bacardi 151s.. i think these things are particularly bad for you haha.

Despite last nite's fun and games i still managed to go to uni this afternoon to do some revision with Parvity. And i even had time to cut the grass before i went (it felt like such a long time since i've done that too). But actually sitting down and trying to DO some law was so hard.. I mean i normally don't get hang overs luckily (ie i don't feel sick or have a headache next day) - but i think after a big nite out my brain doesn't realli run properly for another 48 hours haha..

And tomorrow i have work again so that's my weekend gone by for another week already!..

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Where's my motivation gone

I skipped my property lecture again today. So just like last Tuesday i spent the whole day at uni but didn't go to any class. Bleh.

Played tennis (again) tho. Weather cleared up after looking a bit ominous this morning and it actually turned out to be quite a nice day. After lunch i went off to the Jap club language exchange thing (again) and met more new ppl (again) - and ended up hanging out with them instead of going to class (again).

Hm this post sounds just like what i wrote last week. Altho this time as something new we ended up having bubble tea and not coffee - and played a bit of basketball too (well tried to haha...)

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Another week down

Things have gone past quicker than expected as usual. Not really sure what i did with myself the rest of last week. I do know that i don't have much to show for it, so i'm guessing whatever it was that i was doing, it wasn't terribly productive.

I've been slowly realising (and i'm sure i've slowly been putting it up here on my blog as well) that work has been taking up more and more time for me this semester. Between actually spending more time on the floor, and having to be part-time computer admin for the offices, work has actually been eating into my uni time. Sometimes i feel like i really don't have time to do my uni stuff because of work (although part of that, i'm sure, has to do with my own lack of time-management ability). Recently things have been going pretty smoothly i must say though. We've got a couple of new people who are all starting to find their feet now, and the team at the moment all seem pretty motivated - and more importantly, all get along well together. There's going to be a few more staff parties/dinners n stuff soon too which should keep the team spirit bubbling along till Christmas hopefully.

I guess the more i look at it, the more i realise that life at uni is such a different experience from having to deal with the public regularly too. You'd think that attending a university with a relatively large student population should reflect (to some degree) the diversity of the people 'out there in the real world' (whatever that may be).. but it doesn't. It really doesn't. Like it or not attending university is still somewhat of an elitist thing to be doing. And going to Melbourne Uni probably only exacerbates the fact. For all the shit customers, and annoying things i have to deal with at work, i'm actually quite glad i'm spending a bit more time there this year... even after three years there it never ceases to open my eyes to something new. Only trouble is it really feels like my weeks don't have an end at the moment coz normally (like today) I have to work sundays :P

Anyway i'm going to endeavour to be productive for the rest of tonight so i'll leave it there! ~

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Unproductive day at uni

I was at uni from 10am until 6pm today, but i didn't go to a single class. Nor did i even look at a textbook or case once.. Mmm. I shall try to find some motivation tomorrow. I did have a good game of tennis with Ez (and Eric who came later) for about 2 hours tho.. And i finally picked a day that was actually SUNNY! Summer will be good when it arrives.

Bummed around a bit afterwards and had some lunch with Ez and Sam before going to the Jap club weekly conversation thingo. There i met Shungo (again.. i've met him before but i keep on forgetting names...) and Tomo-san who's actually only on holidays here for a month or so. Simon was going for coffee with them after, and sorta happened to be walking in the same direction as I was. Which turned out to be enough to convince me that going to my property law lecture wasn't really all that important, so i ended up spending the rest of the afternoon just talking and bumming around with them haha. Was good Jap practice tho. Pity i'm not studying Jap anymore or i could've titled this post differently.

Monday, October 03, 2005

I can hear the birds waking up...

But i'm pleased to announce..

5.05am: Property Case Note FINISHED (^_^)/

Mmm ... I wonder if i should just stay up until my 9am class. I wonder if i can rather.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

I'm in trouble..

I've been sitting here all day (well most of it) trying to write this property law case note. And i still have no idea what i'm trying to say. Nor how i'm going to finish it. Looks like another all niter tomorrow. Sigh.

But what's more worrying is i just checked my exam timetable. Not good. Not good at all.

8th Nov: Con & Admin
9th Nov: Property II
14th Nov: Contracts II
16th Nov: Derivatives

Now the main problem is the two subjects i've done absolutely no work for this semester are right at the start. And only one day apart. And it's already October. What happened to September!?

I better go.