Wednesday, October 19, 2005

About that time again

Haven't written anything up here for a little bit so i thought now was about as good a time as any to give all you anonymous readers something to look at. There's not really a whole lot to report unfortunately. That doesn't mean i don't have anything to write tho haha (yes, that's right i'm going to rely on my knack for crapping on about relatively small insignificant things that seem interesting to me at the moment)

Exams are looming. Stress still hasn't really kicked in to give me that little bit of extra concentration (and motivation) so things have been going along pretty much as usual for me. I suppose i'm one of the luckier ones in that i don't have any assignments to worry about before exams (and haven't had any for at least two weeks now). Unfortunately i haven't really made use of that advantage very well.

I have managed to make myself hang around at uni to study a little bit later this week tho - yesterday spent about two and a half hours plodding through some admin law with Chris, Alex and Michelle. I think it somehow took us that whole time to realise that we were going waay to slow tho ahha. But it was still useful (for me) for two things:
(1) I'd some how missed one of the seminars completely (and i don't even remember missing it) ... but now i have some notes for that (thanks Chris).
(2) I only need to get 9.5 marks out of 40 on the exam to pass (thanks Michelle)! That's probably one reason why stress is still not kicking in despite exams being only a couple of weeks away.

And today i stayed back to do some contracts with Parv. We're going a bit too slowly in that too - but hopefully that's because we've just started doing exam papers. And maybe because it was mainly just me trying to work thru most of it. I still can't believe Parv managed to stay awake without having slept for 35 hours.. [apparently listening to 9 hours of criminal law ilectures does weird things to you haha]

Wow half the post on studying. Anyway yesterday i played tennis again. Weather was absolutely perfect for it too: 25 degrees and perfect blue sky. Mm i seriously need to carry my camera around to take more photos for this blog. It's a bit hard to convey stuff like how nice the day was with words ... Ez, Garry, Moe and Soz all came along and i think we all got our daily dose of sun (except maybe for Moe who somehow manages to play tennis wearing her full tracksuit.....).

AND i'm also pleased to announce i only skipped half my property lecture yesterday after going along to the Jap club gathering. I listened to the rest on ilecture afterwards and i didn't really miss much anyway. I think i should have just skipped the whole thing. At least then i could have had coffee or something instead.. Oh and somewhat relatedly, i got to talk a bit with Naoko yesterday.. who i always sort of see around but have never really met properly. But it wasn't until today after C&A (which incidentally was the last proper class for the year.. !) when i bumped into her at the law building that i realised she studies law too. I'm still so impressed that she's managing to take all these law subjects in english... I'd find it sooooo hard to read Japanese cases (if the judges there are anything like what they are here).

And anyway for anybody who's bothered to read all the way down to here, there's just one more completely unrelated thing. After chatting to Matthias the other day on MSN we came up with the idea of having an exchange student 'reunion' on MSN - which we scheduled for last Sunday. It was rather poorly organised (by me) but we did manage to sort of confirm a time and everything. Unfortunately turnout was rather poor hehe. Only Simone and I were actually around at the scheduled time - but we did manage to have a little mini 'conversation-partner' reunion (kinda long story - but ask me if u really wanna know) when Asli came on for a few minutes before she had to head out. The co-organiser, Matthias, didn't make it. He didn't even tell me that he couldn't make it hahah ! Altho he did apparently tell Sayaka..

Annyway all in all it wasn't such a great success but it's nice to know we can all still keep in touch relatively easily thanks to the advances in communication technology these days. Still amazing to think we can all be so far apart but chatting as if we were in the same room together... Okay i'll leave my random ramblings for another time. And if you've read this far i really think you should stop reading already and find something more productive to do with yourself hehe.

Till next time.


shoe-a-holic said...

wow, i read through the whole thing...i'm good at procrastinating and totally unproductive!

cmone said...

hehe we will hold another chatting session again soon! but don't foget to study for exams!! :P