Saturday, October 15, 2005

Alocohol is bad for studying

Yesterday i decided to go clubbing with Lung and Hen. Intended to have a fairly early nite so i could get up and do some practice exams today. But i drank waay too much and i don't even know how i got home. Thanks Hen/Lung for getting me back here in one piece (i'm assuming it was u guys who brought me back lol).

Bacardi 151s.. i think these things are particularly bad for you haha.

Despite last nite's fun and games i still managed to go to uni this afternoon to do some revision with Parvity. And i even had time to cut the grass before i went (it felt like such a long time since i've done that too). But actually sitting down and trying to DO some law was so hard.. I mean i normally don't get hang overs luckily (ie i don't feel sick or have a headache next day) - but i think after a big nite out my brain doesn't realli run properly for another 48 hours haha..

And tomorrow i have work again so that's my weekend gone by for another week already!..


shoe-a-holic said...

haha Age, you're funny. but alcohol is what keeps me sane b4 exams :)

kAgE said...

lolz, kids and their alcohol =p

liang said...

lol...lets go drinking serious