Sunday, October 09, 2005

Another week down

Things have gone past quicker than expected as usual. Not really sure what i did with myself the rest of last week. I do know that i don't have much to show for it, so i'm guessing whatever it was that i was doing, it wasn't terribly productive.

I've been slowly realising (and i'm sure i've slowly been putting it up here on my blog as well) that work has been taking up more and more time for me this semester. Between actually spending more time on the floor, and having to be part-time computer admin for the offices, work has actually been eating into my uni time. Sometimes i feel like i really don't have time to do my uni stuff because of work (although part of that, i'm sure, has to do with my own lack of time-management ability). Recently things have been going pretty smoothly i must say though. We've got a couple of new people who are all starting to find their feet now, and the team at the moment all seem pretty motivated - and more importantly, all get along well together. There's going to be a few more staff parties/dinners n stuff soon too which should keep the team spirit bubbling along till Christmas hopefully.

I guess the more i look at it, the more i realise that life at uni is such a different experience from having to deal with the public regularly too. You'd think that attending a university with a relatively large student population should reflect (to some degree) the diversity of the people 'out there in the real world' (whatever that may be).. but it doesn't. It really doesn't. Like it or not attending university is still somewhat of an elitist thing to be doing. And going to Melbourne Uni probably only exacerbates the fact. For all the shit customers, and annoying things i have to deal with at work, i'm actually quite glad i'm spending a bit more time there this year... even after three years there it never ceases to open my eyes to something new. Only trouble is it really feels like my weeks don't have an end at the moment coz normally (like today) I have to work sundays :P

Anyway i'm going to endeavour to be productive for the rest of tonight so i'll leave it there! ~

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shoe-a-holic said...

hmmm, being productive in my books means the ability to procrastinate for as long as possible, therefore 'producing' time for me to do nothing whatsoever!