Sunday, October 30, 2005

Halloween '05

Mop had his halloween party tonite. Although we were running a bit late we eventually did find his place in the rain..

When we got inside we were greeted by this fella

Candles and blood spattered on the walls set the mood quite nicely

Not to mention our host, Mr. Mophead himself

.. Lotsa ppl came as blood-covered mad-doctors and other various dark incarnations.. and a cat girl complete with leather pants and whip (^_^) - no pictures tho.. sorry.

We, however, didn't quite fit in with the whole 'evil' theme eheh

Yep and we even had a rock-chick

.. And what did i go as?...

Yeh i think it suits me.

Nah actually that was Aydan's halo... i had a sword instead (thanks Soh!)

*notice the missing halo*

Annie shared her wig too


Hobo-Isabelle + Wig

My skeleton buddy

All in all a fun (though a bit short) nite out. Time to go get some rest.

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