Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Tuesday blog

I've noticed this (blogging on Tuesdays) has become a bit of a trend for me lately. Probably because i'm usually feeling quite happy after getting some exercise (tuesday is tennis day) or something. And the weather on Tuesdays seems to be somehow better too. Hmmm. Or maybe it's just in comparison to Mondays which start at 6.30am for me...

Today was a bit of an exception tho. With the weather not looking too promising, and the fact that i really should be studying for my upcoming exams, tennis was cancelled today. When we got to uni we were sort of regretting that tho - the sky managed to clear itself up and the sun made an appearance as usual. But after sitting myself down in the library next to the window, it started pouring rain about 10 minutes later (typical Melbourne weather.. sigh). At least we cancelled tennis on the right day.

On the bright side though i managed to get some study done instead. At least until lunch time. On the way to get lunch i ran into Sam - who i had a brief 15 minute catchup with - before heading off to Jap club as usual. I somehow forgot to eat lunch (and amazingly, so did my stomach).. which was bad since the 2 hour property lecture was straight after Jap club, and then after that i had another couple of hours of con&admin exams to get through with Alex. To make things worse i didn't eat breakfast either..

I actually didn't go to class again. I did manage to walk half way to the law building before deciding that i really wouldn't be missing much. Played some basketball instead with the rest of the Jap club ppls. But what was more fun was the mini-sumo matches we had after lol. We managed to finally beat Ikuo (who claims he weighs 100kg) after we went 3v1 against him..

Managed to get through another practice question with Alex afterwards which was - i think - semi productive. And afterwards because i was waiting for Dad to come get me on the way back from work, i ended up spending another two and a half hours in the library doing some revision [and listening to the lecture i skipped, which was not, as i guessed, all that useful in the end].

My stomach meanwhile must have died from starvation because it pretty much stopped bothering me while i was studying. Which is probably my worst enemy when it comes to sitting down to do anything boring, like reading high court cases.

Maybe i should try not eating anything till 10.30 at nite more often...

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cmone said...

dooood u gotta be kidding me!! you're skinny enough, don't quit feeding your stomach!!