Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Unproductive day at uni

I was at uni from 10am until 6pm today, but i didn't go to a single class. Nor did i even look at a textbook or case once.. Mmm. I shall try to find some motivation tomorrow. I did have a good game of tennis with Ez (and Eric who came later) for about 2 hours tho.. And i finally picked a day that was actually SUNNY! Summer will be good when it arrives.

Bummed around a bit afterwards and had some lunch with Ez and Sam before going to the Jap club weekly conversation thingo. There i met Shungo (again.. i've met him before but i keep on forgetting names...) and Tomo-san who's actually only on holidays here for a month or so. Simon was going for coffee with them after, and sorta happened to be walking in the same direction as I was. Which turned out to be enough to convince me that going to my property law lecture wasn't really all that important, so i ended up spending the rest of the afternoon just talking and bumming around with them haha. Was good Jap practice tho. Pity i'm not studying Jap anymore or i could've titled this post differently.

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shoe-a-holic said...

hmmm, at te risk of sounding like a total H1 geek, Adrian, shame on you for wasting a rpecious day which could have been spent on studying and preparing for up-coming exams! tsk tsk. i can motivate you if you need me! not really but i can safely say that i've never gone to uni but not go to uni, if you get me.