Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Need to blog

... but really CBF right now. Been doing lots lately i guess. No energy to really write about it tho.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Fun on the Yarra

The combined efforts of the Melbourne Uni French Club and the Monash French Club finally came to fruition last nite with the first (annual?) French Yarra Cruise... Congrats Mel + Monash equivalent for a great night well organised.

And what was i doing at a French club cruise? Well, being the first time hosting an event like this, both clubs were a bit worried about not having enough people to break even for the night... so it was a pretty open party with all sorts of friends and friends of friends welcome to make up numbers. I must say (somewhat consequently) i don't think i heard any French the entire night haha.

The plan for the nite was actually to eat a quick dinner beforehand - even tho there were 'light' snacks provided on the boat. But we ran outta time to eat and unfortunately found out that the 'light' snacks were even lighter than we thought. So it was 4 hours on the Yarra with alcohol and an empty stomach. Which is almost invariably a perfect recipe for lotsa fun haha.

Takako, Young, Yasuko and Me

Lee and Joel

Me Annie n Isabelle

Mel n Yasuko

A bit later: Takako, Yasuko + Me

A bit later part two: Isabelle n Annie swinging

I think everyone had a pretty good time - despite the 'cruise' really being about 4 laps of the same little stretch of the Yarra river. Speaking of which, about halfway thru the nite we were doing circles in front of the tennis centre for about half an hour haha. (maybe the captain just wanted to see if everyone was drunk enough not to notice).

On Tuesday, it was my mum's birthday. We had a delicious seafood dinner prepared by Dad. I should really learn to cook..

Lobster (and other seafood) noodles.. yum

Afterwards, since Steph and Riyo both finished their exams, i went to Crown with them. It was all a very spur of the moment nite: the extent of our planning was 'lets have supper'.

Ended up popping into King Pin for some bowling. Only had to pay like $9 for two games coz it was tight-ass tuesday or something too~. The conclusion: the three of us discovered we all really suck at bowling. There were still a couple of flukes during the night tho..

Steph striking

Riyo (almost) striking

We all sort of felt like having a hot drink after that and set out along southbank looking for a cafe. Alas at 1am in the morning on a Wednesday we couldn't find anywhere to go. We did find this tho:

The Crown water feature by night

And of course, having nothing better to do decided it might be fun to take a run thru it...

The aftermath: Riyo and Steph

This photo really doesn't show how wet we all were ... We took about an hour and a half to dry ahah.

Supper ended up being at KFC (since it was one of the only places still open), which isn't normally the greatest place to hang out. But that late at nite, it was nice n quiet and we had a good long chat there.

This morning Riyo left for home. I don't know how (after last nite's cruise), but i managed to wake up (by myself with no alarm) in time to get to IH to say bye one last time. Riyo was actually the first of the Japanese exchangees @ Melbourne i met this year. But i somehow only got to know her properly much later. It still really marks how fast time has flown this year - i can still remember meeting at that first exchange student event of the year wa-ay back in first sem; and as i write this Riyo is on the plane heading home.

I'm starting not to like these yellow cars... They remind me too much of having to say goodbye.

Another farewell

All the best with your studies Riyo - hopefully you don't forget everything you learnt about English linguistics once you go back to studying commerce hehehe. Even tho the dream world of your exchange-life is ending, i'm sure your memories of Melbourne are ones you can treasure, always. Keep in touch!

PS say hi to Jerry for me (^_^)/

Monday, November 21, 2005

Letting go

I guess it's about time to post something again. Exams have finished but i haven't really had much time to sit down and reflect on anything lately. And as a result stuff's sorta been puddling around aimlessly in my head about all sortsa things. It's sort of like i don't feel like i'm really at home here in Melbourne anymore.


My last exam (derivative securities) went relatively okay. It was rather similar to last year's paper - which made me even more annoyed for making some really stupid mistakes on it. I was reading the answers to the parts i couldn't do only about 30 minutes before too... argh. Straight after that (while i was still kicking myself about the exam) i went off to play some tennis with Garry. I took my anger out on the tennis ball. It actually makes serving easier i must say.

Met up with Steph n Satomi for lunch (at like 3.30...) at Nasi Lemak House:

Steph and Satomi

We managed after to visit the new Max Brenner at Highpoint too. But being me i managed to forget my camera so no pix. Steph/Satomi...! onegai ~ (^_^).


7.30am Friday 18.11.05: Satomi left for home.

Sigh. I think maybe i might be starting to understand a little bit how Sayaka must have felt when all of us (then) exchangees left Tokyo... I still can't really believe time has gone this quick and another friend has disappeared.

Breakfast at IH

Satomi's version of cereal 'with milk' (more like without milk hehe)

The farewell

Moe, and now Satomi both back to normal life in Japan. I still haven't been able to make myself delete their numbers from my phone...



Monday, November 14, 2005

Recent Happenings

Lotsa stuff seems to have been happening lately. Well maybe that's because time goes quick when you need more of it to study..

Sat nite was Lung, Hen and Andrew's joint 21st thing. But after sitting at uni all day saturday i was kinda hungry, and decided (after all the recommendations from Moe/Satomi..) to go have dinner at Bismi. Was a good meal too (overeating aside)...

By the time we got to Lung's we'd missed 90% of the speeches.. but only about 10% of the alcohol. Lots of rather wasted people there. But that just made it more fun aha. Sigh if only it wasn't in the middle of exams. Oh, Happy Birthday again Lung if u read this.

Random shots:

Birthday boy in the mid

Another birthday boi (Andrew)

Happy drunks: Em and Wing

Kerry what are you doing... + Wing n Andrew


Sun morning i managed to pull myself out of bed at like 6am to see Moe off before she headed home for Tokyo... Got to IH a bit after 7 - which was a bit later than i intended but before Moe left still (unlike some other sleepy heads who slept thru haha). Was really sad. Hung around at IH for the next 3 or so hours chatting wif the other exchangees until Bailleu library finally opened...

Bye Moe! :(

Hope you really enjoyed your time in Melbourne.. We'll all miss you

Today had my Contracts II exam - best exam so far. I think. If only i had about 5 more minutes at the end sigh. Anyway just one exam left. One day to study for it too ^_^ Then it's party time~

And for those of you who read my post all the way to the end, something for fun (thanks Kris):

If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, even if we don't speak often (or even at all!), please post a comment with a memory of you and me. It can be anything you want, either good or bad.

When you're finished, post this little paragraph on your blog and be surprised (or mortified) about what people remember about you.

Saturday, November 12, 2005


Two days till my next exam. But since my property exam on Wed (which was a bit of nightmare, but i'll wait till i get my mark before i start complaining more hehe), i've done crap all study for either subject.

Spent the whole of wed after the exam bumming around; and then went to bed really late and got up at like midday on thursday. (Was reading a friend's blog - which had some links to random stuff on quantum physics/computing which somehow grabbed my attention at about 2am)

Work thursday + friday = no time to study. Then Moe messaged yesterday about some party at her place... Thought i'd just stop by for a bit after work - ended up staying till like 3am. Was fun tho i guess, despite feeling guilty the whole time that i should either be at home studying or sleeping.

Lots of alcohol, laughing and japanese... and i got to see Moe drunk ahha (yeah that made the loss of sleep all worth it). And now i'm at Bailleu library running a bit low on motivation (hence the blog).

Lung's 21st tonite too... I should get back to studying.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Weee exams here we go

Finally exams are here. I know i've probably been complaining to everybody that i don't have enough time - but when it gets down to a few days before, i always end up just wishing it would all be over and done with.

Today's paper tho, Con & Admin, was probably the worst exam i've sat. Why?
(1) I didn't prepare properly;
(2) It was a year long subject on a topic that to me, is difficult and extremely boring;
(3) I didn't read the questions properly
I'll be lucky if i get more than 20/40. Luckily i think i only need about 10 to pass the subject. Talked to one of my friends after who needs 27/40 just to pass. I'm so glad i'm not in that position..

On the whole tho, i somehow wasn't really disappointed at all with my effort. I guess that's what happens when u set your goals low. No risk of disappointment. But then not really any chance of achieving much either. My mark is going to be inspiration another one of those 'unfulfilled new years' resolutions... i can tell now.

Anyway I should really get some sleep for tomorrow's exam. I'm kind of underprepared for that too. Meh not much to do about it now.. [new years' resolution motivation no.2 coming up]

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Floating .. two days till exams ..

Spent the whole day in at uni today. Three parts study, one part fun. Not such a bad day all in all. But somehow things feel like they've sorta stagnated all around me atm. Feels like everything is kind of stuck and rather static - even tho time is happily ticking away. Hmm anyway i'll leave that for another time.

The three parts study today consisted mainly of reading con&admin notes and some exam feedback from last year [finally worked out that the course last year was a bit different... so it wasn't because my notes just suck that i couldn't answer the question haha]. Also, I somehow typed out about 4000 words of case listings (by topic) for my property law exam too. Fastest 4000 words ever. I wish i could do my research assignments that quickly.. Was good revision too since it's slowly drilling those cases into my head. Tomorrow i need to start those practice exams tho :(

As the one part fun i had lunch wif Moe today. Weather was perfect (as usual for a day i was meant to spend wholly in the library - but haha I beat you this time, Melbourne-weather!). As random chance things usually go, Moe was telling me how she randomly ran into/met Catherine after being here the whole year and not having seen her once [they're taking the same subject, and Catherine likes carrying around a souvenir from Keio which is quite obvious to anybody from Japan]. Anyway just as i was saying i've hardly seen her at all since coming back from Japan, we got up to leave and there she was standing in Brunetti's getting lunch haha. I love randomness. We didn't have much time to catchup properly tho, coz everyone is in exam study mode... It's like the one time in the year that students are forced to realise how much TIME is realli worth. Afterwards tho, Moe and I managed to get some ice cream which i dribbled all over my hand walking back to uni (no, not literally, the sun melted it..)

And as the other bit of fun we went to New Age Cafe for dinner. Yep, that's right, somewhere different for dinner/supper in BH! [i.e. not Hills BBQ/Supper till 2AM/China Bar]! That's probably only because we actually got there before the other stuff closed but still... The food at New Age Cafe wasn't too bad. But then it wasn't too great either. I think we'll be back at one of our regular places next time. At least they open when we get hungry (^_^)

Time to sleep. Nite.

Thursday, November 03, 2005


It's 2am and i can't sleep. That's probably thanks to my rather bad habit of sleeping at 4am during swotvac. Still... i have to get up at about 7am. Sigh.

It's going to be a loooong day.

Btw does anyone know if the Victorian Legislature is examinable for Con&Admin?

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Swotvac Day 1

Why does Melbourne weather only get progressively better when i can't enjoy it..? Looks like tomorrow is going to be even better. A trip to the beach would be really nice about now. Or tennis even. Mm tennis sounds good..

Wrote up some more contracts notes today. I managed to clear up a few conceptual misunderstandings while i was at it. Unfortunately i could probably have done more with my day than that. I did print out some property notes and have set about reading them. But maybe it's already too little too late.

Still trying to work out what's happened to stress this sem too. I have about 4 study days left before i have 2 exams. I've got about 90% of the course to learn for each. And I still spent half the night being a bum.

I guess i should just get some sleep and start early tomorrow.

P.S Is anybody interested in going on a river cruise with the Melb Uni French club? It's on Nov 23 at 7pm. Tix are $40. Leave me a message before Friday if you're interested.