Saturday, November 12, 2005


Two days till my next exam. But since my property exam on Wed (which was a bit of nightmare, but i'll wait till i get my mark before i start complaining more hehe), i've done crap all study for either subject.

Spent the whole of wed after the exam bumming around; and then went to bed really late and got up at like midday on thursday. (Was reading a friend's blog - which had some links to random stuff on quantum physics/computing which somehow grabbed my attention at about 2am)

Work thursday + friday = no time to study. Then Moe messaged yesterday about some party at her place... Thought i'd just stop by for a bit after work - ended up staying till like 3am. Was fun tho i guess, despite feeling guilty the whole time that i should either be at home studying or sleeping.

Lots of alcohol, laughing and japanese... and i got to see Moe drunk ahha (yeah that made the loss of sleep all worth it). And now i'm at Bailleu library running a bit low on motivation (hence the blog).

Lung's 21st tonite too... I should get back to studying.

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shoe-a-holic said...

hey Age! hope you had fun at Liang's...check my blog for photos :) haha Wing and Em are funny when they are drunk. had a bit of trouble getting them in the car!