Sunday, November 06, 2005

Floating .. two days till exams ..

Spent the whole day in at uni today. Three parts study, one part fun. Not such a bad day all in all. But somehow things feel like they've sorta stagnated all around me atm. Feels like everything is kind of stuck and rather static - even tho time is happily ticking away. Hmm anyway i'll leave that for another time.

The three parts study today consisted mainly of reading con&admin notes and some exam feedback from last year [finally worked out that the course last year was a bit different... so it wasn't because my notes just suck that i couldn't answer the question haha]. Also, I somehow typed out about 4000 words of case listings (by topic) for my property law exam too. Fastest 4000 words ever. I wish i could do my research assignments that quickly.. Was good revision too since it's slowly drilling those cases into my head. Tomorrow i need to start those practice exams tho :(

As the one part fun i had lunch wif Moe today. Weather was perfect (as usual for a day i was meant to spend wholly in the library - but haha I beat you this time, Melbourne-weather!). As random chance things usually go, Moe was telling me how she randomly ran into/met Catherine after being here the whole year and not having seen her once [they're taking the same subject, and Catherine likes carrying around a souvenir from Keio which is quite obvious to anybody from Japan]. Anyway just as i was saying i've hardly seen her at all since coming back from Japan, we got up to leave and there she was standing in Brunetti's getting lunch haha. I love randomness. We didn't have much time to catchup properly tho, coz everyone is in exam study mode... It's like the one time in the year that students are forced to realise how much TIME is realli worth. Afterwards tho, Moe and I managed to get some ice cream which i dribbled all over my hand walking back to uni (no, not literally, the sun melted it..)

And as the other bit of fun we went to New Age Cafe for dinner. Yep, that's right, somewhere different for dinner/supper in BH! [i.e. not Hills BBQ/Supper till 2AM/China Bar]! That's probably only because we actually got there before the other stuff closed but still... The food at New Age Cafe wasn't too bad. But then it wasn't too great either. I think we'll be back at one of our regular places next time. At least they open when we get hungry (^_^)

Time to sleep. Nite.


shoe-a-holic said...

one of these nights, ez will call me b4 you guys head out and i will rock up and join yous for supper...unless it's 4am and i feel cranky :) good luck for exams Age! and btw, i MAY come to the cruise, as long as i can convince my friend :P

Ez said...

Yeah.. one day... :)