Thursday, November 24, 2005

Fun on the Yarra

The combined efforts of the Melbourne Uni French Club and the Monash French Club finally came to fruition last nite with the first (annual?) French Yarra Cruise... Congrats Mel + Monash equivalent for a great night well organised.

And what was i doing at a French club cruise? Well, being the first time hosting an event like this, both clubs were a bit worried about not having enough people to break even for the night... so it was a pretty open party with all sorts of friends and friends of friends welcome to make up numbers. I must say (somewhat consequently) i don't think i heard any French the entire night haha.

The plan for the nite was actually to eat a quick dinner beforehand - even tho there were 'light' snacks provided on the boat. But we ran outta time to eat and unfortunately found out that the 'light' snacks were even lighter than we thought. So it was 4 hours on the Yarra with alcohol and an empty stomach. Which is almost invariably a perfect recipe for lotsa fun haha.

Takako, Young, Yasuko and Me

Lee and Joel

Me Annie n Isabelle

Mel n Yasuko

A bit later: Takako, Yasuko + Me

A bit later part two: Isabelle n Annie swinging

I think everyone had a pretty good time - despite the 'cruise' really being about 4 laps of the same little stretch of the Yarra river. Speaking of which, about halfway thru the nite we were doing circles in front of the tennis centre for about half an hour haha. (maybe the captain just wanted to see if everyone was drunk enough not to notice).

On Tuesday, it was my mum's birthday. We had a delicious seafood dinner prepared by Dad. I should really learn to cook..

Lobster (and other seafood) noodles.. yum

Afterwards, since Steph and Riyo both finished their exams, i went to Crown with them. It was all a very spur of the moment nite: the extent of our planning was 'lets have supper'.

Ended up popping into King Pin for some bowling. Only had to pay like $9 for two games coz it was tight-ass tuesday or something too~. The conclusion: the three of us discovered we all really suck at bowling. There were still a couple of flukes during the night tho..

Steph striking

Riyo (almost) striking

We all sort of felt like having a hot drink after that and set out along southbank looking for a cafe. Alas at 1am in the morning on a Wednesday we couldn't find anywhere to go. We did find this tho:

The Crown water feature by night

And of course, having nothing better to do decided it might be fun to take a run thru it...

The aftermath: Riyo and Steph

This photo really doesn't show how wet we all were ... We took about an hour and a half to dry ahah.

Supper ended up being at KFC (since it was one of the only places still open), which isn't normally the greatest place to hang out. But that late at nite, it was nice n quiet and we had a good long chat there.

This morning Riyo left for home. I don't know how (after last nite's cruise), but i managed to wake up (by myself with no alarm) in time to get to IH to say bye one last time. Riyo was actually the first of the Japanese exchangees @ Melbourne i met this year. But i somehow only got to know her properly much later. It still really marks how fast time has flown this year - i can still remember meeting at that first exchange student event of the year wa-ay back in first sem; and as i write this Riyo is on the plane heading home.

I'm starting not to like these yellow cars... They remind me too much of having to say goodbye.

Another farewell

All the best with your studies Riyo - hopefully you don't forget everything you learnt about English linguistics once you go back to studying commerce hehehe. Even tho the dream world of your exchange-life is ending, i'm sure your memories of Melbourne are ones you can treasure, always. Keep in touch!

PS say hi to Jerry for me (^_^)/

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