Monday, November 21, 2005

Letting go

I guess it's about time to post something again. Exams have finished but i haven't really had much time to sit down and reflect on anything lately. And as a result stuff's sorta been puddling around aimlessly in my head about all sortsa things. It's sort of like i don't feel like i'm really at home here in Melbourne anymore.


My last exam (derivative securities) went relatively okay. It was rather similar to last year's paper - which made me even more annoyed for making some really stupid mistakes on it. I was reading the answers to the parts i couldn't do only about 30 minutes before too... argh. Straight after that (while i was still kicking myself about the exam) i went off to play some tennis with Garry. I took my anger out on the tennis ball. It actually makes serving easier i must say.

Met up with Steph n Satomi for lunch (at like 3.30...) at Nasi Lemak House:

Steph and Satomi

We managed after to visit the new Max Brenner at Highpoint too. But being me i managed to forget my camera so no pix. Steph/Satomi...! onegai ~ (^_^).


7.30am Friday 18.11.05: Satomi left for home.

Sigh. I think maybe i might be starting to understand a little bit how Sayaka must have felt when all of us (then) exchangees left Tokyo... I still can't really believe time has gone this quick and another friend has disappeared.

Breakfast at IH

Satomi's version of cereal 'with milk' (more like without milk hehe)

The farewell

Moe, and now Satomi both back to normal life in Japan. I still haven't been able to make myself delete their numbers from my phone...



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Ez said...

While your mind and body may be here in Melbourne, maybe your heart is in Japan.

Damn thats corny.