Monday, November 14, 2005

Recent Happenings

Lotsa stuff seems to have been happening lately. Well maybe that's because time goes quick when you need more of it to study..

Sat nite was Lung, Hen and Andrew's joint 21st thing. But after sitting at uni all day saturday i was kinda hungry, and decided (after all the recommendations from Moe/Satomi..) to go have dinner at Bismi. Was a good meal too (overeating aside)...

By the time we got to Lung's we'd missed 90% of the speeches.. but only about 10% of the alcohol. Lots of rather wasted people there. But that just made it more fun aha. Sigh if only it wasn't in the middle of exams. Oh, Happy Birthday again Lung if u read this.

Random shots:

Birthday boy in the mid

Another birthday boi (Andrew)

Happy drunks: Em and Wing

Kerry what are you doing... + Wing n Andrew


Sun morning i managed to pull myself out of bed at like 6am to see Moe off before she headed home for Tokyo... Got to IH a bit after 7 - which was a bit later than i intended but before Moe left still (unlike some other sleepy heads who slept thru haha). Was really sad. Hung around at IH for the next 3 or so hours chatting wif the other exchangees until Bailleu library finally opened...

Bye Moe! :(

Hope you really enjoyed your time in Melbourne.. We'll all miss you

Today had my Contracts II exam - best exam so far. I think. If only i had about 5 more minutes at the end sigh. Anyway just one exam left. One day to study for it too ^_^ Then it's party time~

And for those of you who read my post all the way to the end, something for fun (thanks Kris):

If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, even if we don't speak often (or even at all!), please post a comment with a memory of you and me. It can be anything you want, either good or bad.

When you're finished, post this little paragraph on your blog and be surprised (or mortified) about what people remember about you.


liang said...

ok here we go....
age is my unco baddy buddy... its not that he's unco.. or im unco.. we just unco together lol
age seems soo mature and level headed.. but when he gets 3 barcardi 151's into him along with copious amounts of various drinks... he turns into a uncontrollable/annoying/funny drunko lol
peace out bro, hope u had fun at my party.
i dont blog... so yea dont bother writing something lol
cya mate gl with ur hardcore exams

shoe-a-holic said...

Age! that's a horrible photo of me. what the hell was i doing? must be the alcki.
ok...a memory that we shared: i remember seeing you at my deb; you're Bernard's cousin; i met you are Em's party one time with Ez; you and Ez came to my birthday and helped out with the cooking; and you laughed while Em, Wing and i got drunk at Liang's :)
ok, i better see a comment on my blog from you @_@

hwangus said...

yr 11 + 12:
thank you age's grandma for all the food on friday nights before / after badminton LOL

kAgE said...

going to sleep after friday night badz at 1 or 2 then waking up and meeting each other at donny westfield at 6 to get to msac by 7:30 to warm up and have a hit and kick asss in badz on saturday morning w00h00

cmone said...

let's see..... all started in Keio University Japanese Language Course 2004 Fall - class 2F. First time meeting ever would be first night out in Roppongi with a gazillion Keio ppl kanaaa? >> Then there was all-u-can-eat-tempura place + karaoke afterwards >> Then there was Fujikyuu Highland with Seong where you got completely soaked on that boat ride >> Zaru night out before u had to leave early with Go >> Mo-Mo-Paradise where you called the waiter Watanabe-kun hot and freaked him out >> then there was of course all the school stuff - convo partner, study sessions in cafe, your dorm farewell party + late-night karaoke, etc. etc.
Wow...great times...(^_^)b

Moe said...

I'm having fun again back in Japan!
It's Mita-sai now!!! u remember??
check out my blog and i put all the pics i took there today!
Quite chilly and i miss hot days in Melbourne...