Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Swotvac Day 1

Why does Melbourne weather only get progressively better when i can't enjoy it..? Looks like tomorrow is going to be even better. A trip to the beach would be really nice about now. Or tennis even. Mm tennis sounds good..

Wrote up some more contracts notes today. I managed to clear up a few conceptual misunderstandings while i was at it. Unfortunately i could probably have done more with my day than that. I did print out some property notes and have set about reading them. But maybe it's already too little too late.

Still trying to work out what's happened to stress this sem too. I have about 4 study days left before i have 2 exams. I've got about 90% of the course to learn for each. And I still spent half the night being a bum.

I guess i should just get some sleep and start early tomorrow.

P.S Is anybody interested in going on a river cruise with the Melb Uni French club? It's on Nov 23 at 7pm. Tix are $40. Leave me a message before Friday if you're interested.

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shoe-a-holic said...

hey Age! yes i saw that cruise advert, i was gonna go but i dunno anyone. are you going? reply on my blog :) i don't mind going if someone i know is going!