Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Weee exams here we go

Finally exams are here. I know i've probably been complaining to everybody that i don't have enough time - but when it gets down to a few days before, i always end up just wishing it would all be over and done with.

Today's paper tho, Con & Admin, was probably the worst exam i've sat. Why?
(1) I didn't prepare properly;
(2) It was a year long subject on a topic that to me, is difficult and extremely boring;
(3) I didn't read the questions properly
I'll be lucky if i get more than 20/40. Luckily i think i only need about 10 to pass the subject. Talked to one of my friends after who needs 27/40 just to pass. I'm so glad i'm not in that position..

On the whole tho, i somehow wasn't really disappointed at all with my effort. I guess that's what happens when u set your goals low. No risk of disappointment. But then not really any chance of achieving much either. My mark is going to be inspiration another one of those 'unfulfilled new years' resolutions... i can tell now.

Anyway I should really get some sleep for tomorrow's exam. I'm kind of underprepared for that too. Meh not much to do about it now.. [new years' resolution motivation no.2 coming up]


Mulder said...

Ah who realli cares about constitutional and admin law anyway?
It's all a bunch of crap anyway ... onli thing which is vaguely useful is prolli that FOI and ADR/ADJR stuff, which isn't that great anyway.
A pass will do ;)

liang said...

guess who's on holz ;)