Sunday, December 04, 2005

Holiday update

Sorry for being so lazy with updates lately. Just haven't felt like writing anything for some reason. Can't really remember exactly what i've been doing since my last proper post anymore either haha.

Went out last nite for dinner and originally intended after to go to some lounge thing for Mel's birthday, but ended up going karaoke wif some other ppls instead.

I never really used to like karaoke, but i guess it's something to do for fun every once in a while. And last nite was the first time i've ever been to karaoke in Melb (that i can remember)! tho i think karaoke is kind of the same everywhere...

Tommy, Kelly, Chris

My rather poor attempt at singing was, as always, rather fun (for me at least) - i apologise to everyone there who had to put up with me. The place wasn't too bad either - except for the spew all over the floor in the toilet (u really had to see it to believe how badly someone can miss the bowl...). But there was plenty on the tab for food and drinks so we all had a good time (see pic below. On second thoughts maybe those two were onto something else entirely...):

Sam (actually smiling!) and Michelle (looking entirely too happy hah)

Kelly Grace and Me

But the nite's highlight would have to have been hearing Alex sing. He was unexpectedly very much into it (i think he held the fort together until alcohol started helping out wif the rest of the crew). And he doesn't sound like himself at alllllll when he gets the mike hehehe. So here's a little tribute to my closet-karaoke-loving-friend:

Alex when i got there (approx 9.30)

Alex half way thru the nite (12ish?)

Alex at the end of the nite (about 3am... maybe a bit more caffeine woulda helped ehhe)


hwangus said...

Alex looks all serious there

Michele Ko said...

Oi I thought you were gonna cut out my face! Boo!

Adrian said...

haha oops i did say that huh. but how cute is it - both of you look so happy! :)