Monday, December 19, 2005

A New Melbourne for 4 Days

Yuki came to visit on Thursday so i've spent the last couple of days being tour guide and seeing the sights around my home town. It's actually really fun taking a second look at the things you see almost every day with someone who's there for the first time.

It's so easy to forget Melbourne is actually a very scenic little city when you're living here... Anyway i don't feel like writing much right now so i'll just let the pictures do the talking.

Melbourne Uni Archways

Yuki and her camera in Crown's Atrium

Crown from the Rialto

Our favourite mud-beach in Phillip Island... (inside joke, don't worry)

A beach with some sand ... pity it was so overcast tho

I found this quite funny

Okay, okay, a little bit of writing for all you ppl who like to read stuff...

The Penguin Parade (as it is called) was amazing. Definitely recommended to anyone wanting a bit of time out of Melbourne. The drive down is quite pleasant and not too far really. But the penguins themselves (now apparently called 'little' penguins rather than fairy penguins) are sooo damn cute. We weren't allowed to take any photos at the actual parade, though there was quite a selection of professional shots you could buy in the gift shop.

As a result, this is all i have to show from what was probably the most fun thing in the last 4 days: Penguin photos and a map of Phillip Island on a brown paper bag

It's been a long time since i've had that much fun.

Another thing without photographic evidence was our attempt at rowing the next day. After spending altogether too long on our BBQ (looking back, leaving B and Yuki to cook sausages might not have been the best time-saving idea haha), we got to the place with only half an hour to spend on the water.

5 of us in one row boat = 2 trying to row + 3 of us laughing. Not surprisingly i don't think we went more than about 50 metres by the time it was time to turn back. It was lots of fun nonetheless.

Garry Bernard and Yuki squished in the backseat on the way ahha

We did go for a short walk after which was more than pleasant (which doubled as giving Garry some time to dry off after his rowing efforts) and gave me a chance to take some photos.

Kanes Bridge at Yarra Bend Park

Us on the bridge

The Yarra

Went clubbing that night. That sort of killed the next morning, but we managed to have a bit of a wander around the city in the afternoon. Dinner was at home before we headed out to see the Christmas lights in Ivanhoe. On the way we randomly ended up watching a fireworks display right next to my house which Yuki took some beautiful photos of... Mine didn't come out so well. Anyway, that's about the extent of my writing energy so on to the pics:

Christmas lights near my house

Christmas lights at the Boulevard, Ivanhoe

More christmas lights at the Boulevard

Robot Bar

The Royal Exhibition Building is really beautiful when it's not exam time...

Yuki and I outside the Melbourne Museum/Imax

Time goes all too quickly when you're having fun.

由紀、メルボルンで楽しんでもらえただろうか。シドニーじゃなくてこっちのほうに留学すればよかったのに(笑)。この四日間一緒に楽しく過ごせて、言葉にならないけど、周りの目の覚めるような美しさがただ今気づいたって感じ。俺もすごく楽しんでありがとう。とりあえず、日本に帰らないうちにシドニーたくさん楽しんでね。Miss you already.

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